Amazing FALLOUT Props Can Make Your Vault-Dwelling Dreams a Reality

The Fallout hype is real right now, especially after the Fallout 76 E3 news we recently got. And what better way to celebrate than by collecting these awesome real life  props of items from the game, including replicas of the plasma rifle, plasma pistol, power fist, and a build-your-own Pip-Boy kit?  Now we finally get to live our vault-dwelling dreams, but with all the cool stuff and none of the radiation poisoning or death claws. Whether you’re a cosplayer, a collector, or just looking to run around your house playing Wasteland, these props could be a sweet deal.

The weapon replicas are 1:1, meaning they’re life-size. The Pip-Boy is not only true to size, but wearable as well. It comes in a kit that you get to build yourself, which was designed after the kits Vault-Tec gave out in the game. The box and components all take after the classic Fallout ’50s style, and can either be taken apart for the Pip-Boy to be assembled, or can be displayed on their own.

All of the props are on sale now on Gamestop‘s website, created in conjunction with ThinkGeek. The rifle retails for $119.00, the pistol for $59.99, the power fist for $99.99, and the Pip-Boy kit is going for $149.99. If you consider how much you might spend making a cosplay prop from scratch, these prices could be comparable or even a bit cheaper. The Pip-Boy drops on November 13, and we’ll have to wait until December 31 for the weapon replicas.

Given what we’ve seen so far, do you think these props are going to be worth the wait? Fall in to the comments below and let us know.

Images: Gamestop

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