5 FALLOUT Game Characters We Want to See in Prime Video’s TV Series

The recent trailer for the new Fallout Amazon Prime series is a Yao Guai punching epic, indeed. It makes fans excited for this new adventure. We all know when the series is taking place—in 2296, nine years after the events of Fallout 4. We also know where the setting is for the series—Los Angeles, AKA The Boneyard, as explored in Fallout’s very first game. Now, many fans of the long-running post-apocalyptic game series are wondering which Fallout characters will make the jump to live-action. 

We probably won’t see any Fallout 1 characters. But the legacy of the area will surely be discussed as our intrepid Vault Dweller Lucy (Ella Purnell) tries to put together the pieces of what’s happened since the bombs dropped. Fallout 2 characters are likely out as well, given the fifty-five year gap between the second game and the Prime Video series. So, which characters from Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and New Vegas could we see in live-action?

My dream of a live-action CGI nightmare Nick Valentine feels pretty unrealistic, but here are five characters we might catch a glimpse of. 

Hancock a.k.a. John McDonough

Hancock fallout game character looks into camera
Bethesda Game Studios

Hancock is a wheeling, dealing, mayoring, Jet-huffing ghoul dressed in the clothes of Founding Father John Hancock. One of my personal favorite Fallout 4 companions, his questionable morality didn’t stop him from being a fun friend. Or… a very devoted boyfriend who says nice things to you while you rummage through humanity’s shredded past for desk fans. That is, if you romance him… which I obviously did. 

Hancock is a free spirit without a great deal tying him down to his technical job as Mayor of Goodneighbor, and it’s possible he might wander westward. That said, The Ghoul (Walton Goggins) does seem like a small love letter to Hancock already, so if not in person, perhaps we’ll get a little bit of Hancock in spirit.

Veronica Renata Santangelo

Veronica from Fallout stands outside with armor on
Bethesda Softworks/Obsidian Entertainment

Veronica is a well-loved character from Fallout: New Vegas. Born and raised in the Brotherhood of Steel, Veronica will accompany the Courier on their quest for revenge, provided you’re not a complete jerk. Veronica, despite her military upbringing, is a sweet, wise-cracking lesbian who gets very happy when you give her the more pristine dresses you find while venturing through the Mojave Wasteland. Also, if you stick her in power armor and give her a power fist, she becomes a problem for anyone that isn’t you very quickly. I admire her “punch stuff until it explodes in a cascade of gore” attitude. 

Veronica’s complicated relationship with the Brotherhood of Steel would be enthralling to explore in the Prime Video series, especially as a potential foil to Maximus (Aaron Moten). And look, I’m just saying, can someone call Felicia Day and see what she’s doing?

Elder Arthur Maxson

Maxson Fallout character wears a large coat and stands on a platform in game
Bethesda Game Studios

Debatable fascist and undercut-haver Arthur Maxson leads the Brotherhood of Steel during the events of Fallout 4. Depending on how you played the game, his survival is up in the air. However, the Vertibirds in the trailer hint that the Brotherhood have a substantial presence on the West Coast. Who is running things there? Canonically, we have no clue. With nine years between Fallout 4 and the Prime series, it might be possible that the disparate chapters of the Brotherhood have united, with Arthur Maxson at the helm.

As of Fallout 4, he had the approval of the Lost Hills elders on the west coast. Will we finally see a fully united Brotherhood of Steel? And more importantly than that, Maxson represents some of the biggest ideological battles the series is built on (progress vs regression, survival vs actually living). To see him defend his leadership of the Brotherhood in live action would be thrilling. 


goblin like fawkes from fallout addresses gamer directly
Bethesda Game Studios

Those who played Fallout 3 will remember Fawkes, a Super Mutant who the Lone Wanderer runs into in Vault 87. An eloquent academic and intellectual, Fawkes makes up for looking like the Cheeto buried in my couch cushions for three years with his wit, bravery, and compassion. And he has a giant laser gun!

Fawkes wasn’t given much room to breathe in the final action-packed hours of Fallout 3. But the Prime television series could bring this Fallout game character to life and give us the full scope of this irradiated philosopher. With the immortality of Super Mutants on his side, and no confirmed canon death, the writers room would be wise to take advantage and give Lucy her own hulking Super Mutant buddy. 

Rose of Sharon Cassidy

Cass from Fallout stands behind her bar in game
Bethesda Softworks/Obsidian Entertainment

Owner and operator of Cassidy Caravans, one can find Rose of Sharon Cassidy (a.k.a. Cass a.k.a. Whiskey Rose) in Fallout: New Vegas’ Mojave Outpost. Cass is a rough-and-tumble cowboy type with a ton of baggage–and the drinking problem to prove it. Cass’ wrecked, whiskey-sodden heart is ripe and fertile ground for Lucy to investigate while she explores apocalyptic California. New Vegas is infinitely closer to the Boneyard than any other modern game locations. It seems likely that Cass might find herself in Shady Sands or even the Boneyard itself, looking to strike up a new contract. New Vegas is rife with memorable characters and companions, but Cass is the most likely to grace our screens.

Of course, we may instead find ourselves in a familiar world with entirely new characters and no cameos from those we know, save our beloved Vault Boy and his associated branding. Still, with four mainline games and the monolithic side game New Vegas to pull from, it’s likely we’ll at least see one or two of our favorite characters running around in the Boneyard. And no matter what, there is a Dogmeat equivalent. And that’s incredibly important.

Jess is a writer, musician, and self-professed obsessive. They have many loves, but they are particularly haunted by Supernatural, House MD, Good Omens, Fallout, and Naruto.

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