FALLOUT’s Ella Purnell To Star in Killer Squirrels Horror-Comedy Movie, THE SCURRY

In 2024 Ella Purnell survived ghouls, robots, cannibals, underground cults, giant cockroaches, and her own creepy father. Now she’ll have to fight survive something even stranger: killer squirrels. The Fallout star has joined the cast of the upcoming squirrel-centric horror-comedy movie, The Scurry.

Screen Daily reports Purnell (Yellowjackets) has signed on for a leading role in True Brit’s film about psychotic rodents. This squirrel horror-comedy movie comes from The Phantom of the Open‘s Craig Roberts and is currently filming in the UK. The film originally cast House of the Dragon‘s Olivia Cooke. She dropped out because of a reported scheduling conflict. As has Mia McKenna-Bruce.

Purnell is said to be taking on the role of “a park attendant who must use her unique skills and strength to survive a band of killer squirrels.” Yes, killer squirrels are in this movie, hence The Scurry. Here’s the film’s official synopsis from True Brit:

Two pest controllers are called to an eco-café in a country park to investigate what begins as a routine vermin problem – but as nightfall approaches an avalanche of deranged squirrels descend, wreaking revenge and mayhem on the staff and visitors in the park. With many fatalities the survivors take shelter in the café as a freak storm takes out the power and communications leaving them isolated and under attack. An eclectic mix of survivors include pest controllers, a sulky teenager, hypocritical vegans, and a drug dealer – there is only an outside chance of survival… 

If we had a nickel…

Despite Cooke dropping out House Hightower will still make their presence felt in the film. Rhys Ifans will carry the Hightower banner as a cast member in this squirrel movie. Paapa Essiedu (The Lazarus Project) and Antonia Thomas (The Good Doctor) will also get in on the horror film “with comedic undertones.”

If they need any help surviving this squirrel attack in this movie they know who to turn to. Ella Purnell knows how to survive just about anything at this point, especially an off-kilter world of killer monsters.

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