Everything to Know About STAR WARS’ Ezra Bridger Before Ahsoka

The end of Star Wars Rebels also marked a new beginning. The series’ final scene saw the friends of Jedi Ezra Bridger set out on a quest to find him. He’d disappeared deep into the galaxy far, far away. Why did he sacrifice himself to stop his greatest enemy? And how did one of Star Wars’ greatest Jedi use some very special Force-sensitive animals to save his friends and homeworld? Before the people who love him most resume their search on Ahsoka, here’s everything you need to know about Ezra Bridger.

Ezra Bridger with his green lightsaber on Star Wars Rebels

What Planet Is Ezra Bridger From?

Ezra Bridger was born to Ephraim and Mira on Lothal in 19 BBY. Ezra’s birthday was also the day Palpatine became Emperor (a “holiday” celebrated as Empire Day).

Lothal is located in the extreme reaches of the Outer Rim. It’s also home to two famous Star Wars creatures, Loth-wolves and Loth-cats. Lothal initially sought out Imperial control to help solve the planet’s economic woes during the early days of the Galactic Empire. But not everyone welcomed Palpatine’s rule, and all of their fears came to pass.

What Happened to Ezra Bridger’s Parents Under the Empire?

Long-haired Ezra Bridger looks glum with his head on his folded arms on Star Wars Rebels

Ezra’s parents died while trying to escape prison. The Empire had arrested them for making unauthorized transmissions against the government and other anti-Imperial actions.

That left Ezra on his own at seven years old. To survive he became a con artist, pick pocket, and thief. He also sold stolen technology on the black market to make money and had a fondness for acquiring stromtrooper helmets. Growing up an orphan forced Ezra to depend almost entirely on himself. That made the hardened, street-wise kid weary of trusting others and loyal only to himself. At least he was until he found a new family.

How Did Ezra Bridger Join the Crew of the Ghost on Star Wars Rebels?

Star Wars: Rebels characters poster

At 14 on Lothal, Ezra came into contact with the crew of the Ghost, a rebel cell known as the Spectres. Captained by Hera Syndulla, the group also included her astromech droid Chopper, secret former Jedi Padawan Kanan Jarrus, the Mandalorian Sabine Wren, and the Lasat warrior Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios.

After first seeing the ship as a potential target Ezra accepted their offer to join and fight back against the Empire that had taken so much from him. He also wanted to learn from Kanan, who recognized Ezra’s Force sensitivities immediately. Ezra’s decision to become a Spectre would forever change the galaxy far, far away.

How Did Ezra Bridger Get Along with His Fellow Spectres on Star Wars Rebels?

From left: Chopper, Hera, Ezra, and Sabine in Star Wars Rebels. They will appear in the live-action series Ahsoka in 2023.

Though admittedly selfish, headstrong, and far too prone to do what he wanted despite knowing better, Ezra’s natural charm and pleasant nature won over his fellow Spectres. Him and Zeb became like brothers. They loved and protected each other when they weren’t busy fighting with and pulling pranks on one another.

Meanwhile, while Ezra clearly had a crush on Sabine, the two also developed a deep and loving friendship that often featured them trying to one-up the other. Hera also became a surrogate mother Ezra and Chopper drove the young Jedi Padawan up a wall like the droid did everyone.

The most meaningful relationship in Ezra’s life, though, was the complicated one he had with his master and mentor, Kanan.

Who Trained Ezra Bridger as a Jedi?

Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger smiling on Star Wars Rebels

Kanan Jarrus, whose real name was Caleb Dume, never got to finish his Jedi training. His master died protecting him during Order 66, leaving the young Padawan alone and on the run as a child. Because Kanan never became a knight himself and turned his back on the Jedi way of life for many years, he doubted he could properly train Ezra. Kanan’s lack of confidence often caused friction between the two, as did the moody Ezra’s own impatience and self-doubt.

Ultimately Kanan proved a worthy master and Ezra a worthy student. Ezra grew more mature and learned to better control his many powers under Kanan’s tutelage. The two formed a lasting bond that continued even after Kanan sacrificed his life to save his fellow Spectres. Kanan seemingly reconnected with Ezra as a Loth-wolf. And when Ezra visited the World Between Worlds, a nexus of space and time, and thought about saving Kanan’s life, he realized Kanan’s death was his final lesson.

Their relationship almost never made it that far. Another famous Force-user also wanted Ezra as his student. And that infamous Sith nearly recruited the young Rebel to the dark side.

Why Did Darth Maul Want Ezra Bridger to Join Him?

Ezra Bridger formed an unlikely connection with Darth Maul via a Sith holocron. The Sith Lord, recognizing the young man’s potential and the possibilities of what they could do together, then pushed Ezra to embrace the dark side of the Force. He almost succeeded.

Driven by anger over the apparent death of Ahsoka Tano and Maul’s blinding of Kanan, Ezra became more aggressive as he came close to losing himself to the dark side of the Force. But ultimately he saw the truth about Maul. Despite the Sith Lord’s many efforts to convince Ezra to join him, it was Ezra’s selflessness, something he found via the love of his new family, that kept him loyal to Kanan. It’s what also helped Ezra stay true to the light side when Palpatine himself tried to mislead Ezra with the promise of having his parents back.

Kanan and Ezra then worked to stop Maul from killing Obi-Wan Kenobi. The great Jedi Master finally finished off Maul for good shortly after telling Ezra Bridger to return to the Rebellion. Fortunately for Lothal its native son did.

Ezra Bridger in a helmet holds his lightsaber while riding atop a purrgil in a pod on Star Wars Rebels

Why Did Ezra Bridger Sacrifice Himself to Stop Thrawn?

The Spectres greatest and most dangerous enemy was Grand Admiral Thrawn, a cunning, ruthless, brilliant high-ranking Imperial officer who took a special interest in the Ghost‘s crew. Their years of battling Thrawn only came to an end when Ezra remembered Kanan’s final lesson for him.

During Thrawn’s blockade of Lothal Ezra concocted a secret plan he didn’t share with his fellow Spectres. He used his special Force connection with animals to call on purrgil to help him stop Thrawn. The mystical force-sensitive space whales arrived at the battle, enveloped Thrawn, and whisked both the Grand Admiral and Ezra deep into the Unknown Regions of space. It was Ezra’s way of ensuring both his friends’ and planet’s safety.

What Star Wars Characters Are Searching for Ezra Bridger?

Sabine Wren with short hair stands in front of a covered Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars Rebels

Ezra did leave behind a message for his friends explaining why he sacrificed himself. That included a special one for Sabine, who finally recognized what it was Ezra was counting on her to do. He tasked her with finding him, and when the Empire finally fell that’s just what she set out to do along with Ahsoka Tano. Star Wars Rebels‘ last moments saw the two of them begin their search for their lost friend.

Sabine Wren wearing all red looks at a hologram of Ezra Bridger on Ahsoka

Where Ezra went and where he is now remains a mystery. But Thrawn will return on Ahsoka, so the Jedi who went missing alongside the Imperial officer long ago can’t be far behind. Someone knows where he is, and his friends still want to find him.

Who Voiced Ezra Bridger on Star Wars Rebels?

Taylor Gray (In the Vault) voiced Ezra Bridger on Star Wars Rebels.

Who Will Play the Live-Action Ezra Bridger on Ahsoka?

Eman Esfandi will introduce Ezra Bridger to live-action on Ahsoka. He has appeared as a hologram of Ezra from before he went missing.

A small hologram of Ezra Bridger on Ahsoka

We’re confident we’ll get to see him in the flesh before the series ends. Ezra is one of Star Wars‘ greatest and most heroic Jedi, and the galaxy far, far away needs him to stop Thrawn once again.

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