Every Easter Egg We Spotted in MS. MARVEL Episode 4

Ms. Marvel‘s fourth episode takes us from the streets of New Jersey to the city of Karachi. And we certainly packed some Easter eggs for the trip. Unpacking a suitcase is never fun, but diving into all the references and Easter eggs in Ms. Marvel episode four is an excellent time. Take a look at everything we spotted in the latest episode of the Marvel show.

Episode four’s whole premise is actually one big Ms. Marvel Easter egg from the comics. In Ms. Marvel #12, Kamala Khan, who has become alienated from her friends, visits Karachi to meet her family and escape her current stresses. This is clearly a planned Marvel Comics reference because a QR code in the episode takes us to a free download of the issue in question.

Ms. Marvel episode four easter eggs QR Code
Marvel Studios

Ant-Man remains a Ms. Marvel Easter egg favorite in episode four. And we see a mural of him as Kamala ditches her cousins and makes her way to the train station. The mural is captioned “You can start small and still be larger than life.” Of course, it’s really a message for Kamala. But the message for us is the nod to Ms. Marvel‘s original artist and co-creator Adrian Alphona. The mural also hints there could be other Karachi x Avengers murals to come.

Ms. Marvel episode four easter eggs Ant-Man mural
Marvel Studios

At the station, Kamala ends up fighting another masked warrior, the Red Dagger. Coincidentally, the Red Dagger first appeared in Ms. Marvel #12, so we’re sensing an Easter egg theme. In the comics, he was a family friend by day and superhero by the night. Here Kareem is part of an ancient order known as the Red Dagger. This order is new to the MCU, but we’re sure we’ll learn more about them soon. So far we know they “protect people from threats of the unseen.”

Ms. Marvel easter eggs reveal her powers and the Red Dagger
Marvel Studios

This episode of Ms. Marvel also opens the door to many multiversal questions. We’re left pondering the Noor dimension and wondering what powers Kamala has exactly. Could she have somehow been the one who actually saved her grandmother all those years ago? We don’t know for sure, but we do know just about anything is possible in the many universes and dimensions of the MCU.

We guess we’ll have to tune in to next week’s Ms. Marvel episode for more answers and more Easter eggs.

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