All the Easter Eggs We Spotted in MS. MARVEL Episode 2

Episode one of Ms. Marvel really laid down the (infinity) gauntlet when it came to Marvel Easter eggs. We bet nothing will ever top AvengerCon when it comes to shouting out to the MCU. But even though episode two didn’t go quite that far, it still had its fair share of Marvel call-outs and other fun references. And sometimes, Easter eggs are more fun when they’re harder to spot. Here’s every Ms. Marvel Easter egg we saw in the show’s second episode.

The Ant-Man love really continued in Ms. Marvel episode two. In episode one, Kamala Khan let us know that Scott Lang had been on a podcast—one she had clearly devoured. And she even created a video all about Ant-Man and the Wasp. In episode two, our favorite insect-based hero continues to play a role. Although Captain Marvel is Kamala’s first love, it’s Ant-Man she turns to for inspiration when exploring her new powers. She even tries talking to ants and shrinking. Of course, in the comics, Ms. Marvel’s power do involve changing her size, notably “Embiggen”-ing her fist, so we appreciate that bit of a nod. We even see Kamala making a big fist our of her cosmic powers in the episode.

Ms. Marvel using her powers to make a big fist in Ms. Marvel episode two Easter eggs article
Marvel Studios

Kamala’s love of the Avengers continues to show throughout the episode. Of course, she’s still dressing up as Captain Marvel to do her heroing. But Ms. Marvel would also love to be related to Thor. As Kamala and Bruno discuss her powers, he lets her know it’s not the bangle giving Kamala powers, but that the bangle unlocked powers Ms. Marvel already had. Kamala’s immediate conclusion is that she must be Asgardian. It’s a nice thought and a nice Easter egg, but Thor seems like he has all the family he can handle already.

Ms. Marvel episode two easter eggs reveal Kamala's powers come from inside of her like in the comics. An image of Kamala Khan's bio-stats
Marvel Studios

This call-out to Kamala’s powers does serve another purpose. Although Ms. Marvel’s powers have changed from the comics, making the powers a part of Kamala, something inherent that gets activated, ties the two versions together. Though we don’t yet know the origin of what has been unlocked, those worried about the changes will likely appreciate the sentiment.

Finally, my special favorite of the Easter eggs in Ms. Marvel episode two has to be the call-out to the Devil Wars Prada. Mr. Wilson definitely makes Meryl Streep proud. We definitely enjoyed the nod to Jedi as well.

It looks like the action is picking up in Ms. Marvel‘s world, so we’re sure episode three will hit us with many more Easter eggs to consume.

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