Epic Card Game Goes Digital with Your Help

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Epic Card Game is moving to a brand new digital format and is using Kickstarter to make it all happen. With only days to go in their Kickstarter, Epic Digital Card Game has earned over $110k toward making and improving their digital tabletop card trading game.

Pairing beautiful artwork and game play that Magic: The Gathering players will be familiar with, Epic Digital now offers unlimited copies of every card for as little as $25 with this Kickstarter. On top of that, Epic is also offering Alpha Access to their iOS and Android app a full six months ahead of time. By investing a minimal amount of money, you get so many perks, including being part of the evolution of this game; provide feedback and help create a better playing experience on your phone or tablet.

If you haven’t popped open an Epic deck before, you’ll find a lot of similarities to games like Star Realms, but also elements very familiar to anyone who has swiped their finger over a Hearthstone card. Players summon heroes and monsters to the board to send screaming into their opponent’s life score or to protect their own from villainous beasts coming from the other side of the table. Little differences such as recruit costs, loyalty, and getting to respond to attacks keep you on your toes, but won’t bog you down with long chains of cards resolving at various speeds. Check out the above video and you’ll get the handle of it in just a couple of turns.

If you thought that was enough, Epic is also releasing every card in the Base Game, as well as the Tyrants and Uprising expansion packs. This means you’ll possess over 200 unique cards in-game (including a few limited release cards and image updates only to Kickstarter investors), that you can play in any legal deck of Epic.

Finally, you’ll receive “Event Tickets” which can be used in the app to unlock cosmetic and campaign features only accessible to Kickstarter investors. You’ll also be able to use these tickets to play in leagues or tournaments with in-app prizes.

Want to get into this awesome game? You only have a few days left to sign up, otherwise you’ll have to wait until Fall 2017! Sign up for the Kickstarter here. 

Do you have experience playing Epic Card Game? Leave us a comments with what you’re most looking forward to in the App! 

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