ENOLA HOLMES 2 Trailer Shows a New Mystery and More Sherlock

We love a good mystery here at Nerdist. Nothing wraps us up faster than finding out who has done it. If it’s a charming and brilliant detective, all the better. We’ve been looking forward to the further adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ little sister Enola since the first movie ended and we now have a look at her second outing. Called, fittingly, Enola Holmes 2, this one finds Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) attempting to make a name for herself as a detective in her own right while her famous brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill) steals the limelight. Have a look, via Netflix’s TUDUM.

Enola’s fourth-wall-breaking is always a favorite, as is her running around Victorian London in search of answers. And, just like the first movie, the mystery itself takes a dark and dangerous turn. Enola goes in search of a girl’s sister and finds her own case entwined with a particularly baffling case of Sherlock’s. Naturally, two Holmses are better than one. Millie Bobby Brown gave another tour de force of dramatic acting in Stranger Things 4 so it’s nice to see her get to stretch her comedic lead chops again here.

Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) holds up a piece of evidence with Sherlock (Henry Cavill) to her right and Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge) to her left.

Someone calls Enola a “force of nature” and the trailer really bears that statement out. Lotta flipping guys over her shoulder and things of that sort. All things a good detective ought to do in the course of duty!

Here’s the official synopsis:

Adventure strikes again! Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Helena Bonham Carter return in Enola Holmes 2 — where a mystery of historic proportions takes 2 Holmes to handle. Directed by Harry Bradbeer and also starring: Louis Partridge, Adeel Akhtar, David Thewlis, Susan Wokoma, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster. Enola Holmes 2 is only on Netflix November 4. 

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