An Engineer Created a Drone to Save a Doggo Stuck in a Drain

There’s nothing better than hearing a story of humans coming together to save animals that have found themselves trapped in precarious situations. But what happens when that animal has found their way into a spot that would be too dangerous or precarious for a human to wander into? One engineer faced just such a situation and answered by creating some pretty impressive tech.

Milind Raj, a 27-year-old engineer living in a northern India city named Lucknow, was walking when he heard the cries of a puppy coming from a drain. When Raj investigated, he saw the poor pupper trapped in the miry depths below, and could tell that the dog had been trapped down there for some time. Raj wasn’t sure he could safely find his way in and out of the drain, but that didn’t stop him from his dog rescue mission.Instead, he headed back to his lab and crafted a state-of-the-art drone with a mechanical arm to grab the puppy and carry it to safety. The rescue was captured by a woman passing by, and the video is absolutely awesome.

As an article on NDTV explains, this wasn’t a basic mechanical grabber that was attached to a drone. Instead,  he used an AI-controlled arm that came complete with a heart rate sensor. The reason for this was to ensure that when the puppy was grabbed, it didn’t crush the pup to death as it grabbed it and carried it to safety.

With the help of his newly-crafted drone, Raj was able to get the puppy to safety. Even better, Raj has since adopted the lucky doggo and given him the perfect name, Lifted. The two are living happily together, and while Raj is making sure Lifted keeps clear of drains and ditches, at least he’s got the tech to rescue his pupper should the adventurous little guy find himself in any more dangerous situations. We love seeing engineering used in such a cool and creative way to save an animal, and we’re happy that Lifted has found a happy, healthy new home.

What are some of the coolest animal rescues you’ve seen? Tell us about it in the comments!

Feature Image: Milind Raj

More drones in action:

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