These Columbia STAR WARS Jackets Will Keep You Warmer Than a Tauntaun Will

It is officially winter, so it’s time to start making sure you’ve got all the cold weather gear you need to stay warm this season. And sure, you could just go to the store and snag yourself a generic, regular jacket, or you could grab yourself one of these amazing jackets inspired by The Empire Strikes Back. Columbia is partnering with Star Wars to bring awesome replicas of the rebels’ Hoth apparel to life in a limited edition run called the Echo Base Collection, starting at 12:01 a.m. EST on December 8. Columbia will only be making 1,980 (the year Empire Strikes Back arrived to theaters) of each style so you must move faster than Han Solo making the Kessel Run. You can buy one of three jackets inspired by Luke, Leia, and Han’s Echo Base looks.Fans of Han Solo can grab the parka he wore while exploring Hoth. Water-resistant with Omni-Heat insulation (meant to help you hang on to your natural body heat) and a faux-fur hood, this parka will make you feel like one of the biggest badasses of the galaxy. Leia Organa fans can snag her iconic white jacket/vest combo, which is water-resistant with Omni-Heat reflective lining. The jacket has a stowable hood and gusset sleeves, perfect for any intergalactic adventures you’ve got planned.Or you can grab a jacket modeled after Luke Skywalker‘s own Empire look. This jacket/vest combo is also water resistant with a stowable hood and Omni-Heat insulation to keep you far warmer than any tauntaun could. Save the tauntauns!You’ll be able to find these jackets online on December 8, but you can also find them at Columbia brand retail stores. Each jacket will set you back about $400, so save your credits now!If none of those jackets get you excited, you can also try to snag an even more limited-edition jacket, a brown version of Han’s parka. These jackets are $1980, but come with a fun perk. Not only do 100% of the proceeds from these jackets go to Conservation International (an organization dedicated to the protection of nature), but these bad boys are each hand-signed by Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford. You can check out Columbia’s website to figure out how you can buy one or enter to win one for yourself.What do you think of these jackets? Which would you buy? What other Star Wars-inspired clothes do you have your eye on? Tell us in the comments!

Images: Columbia

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