Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda Get Barbie and Ken Dolls for MARY POPPINS

Where there is a franchise, there is merchandise, and where there is merchandise, there are Barbies. Well, that may not always be the case, but for something like the rapidly forthcoming Mary Poppins Returns, Barbies crafted in co-leads Emily Blunt’s and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s likenesses make all the sense in the world. Mattel sure thought so, and thus a new Barbie and Ken were born.

As with all Barbies made to mimic real people, the resemblances the dolls bear to Blunt/Poppins and Miranda/Jack are pretty striking. I’m not sure Mary’s cheekbones can cut glass quite as well as Blunt’s, but the smile is on point. And you can’t mess with that accessory game—the Mary doll comes with Poppins’ magic bag, a scarf, a hat, and heels to match.Jack has a hat and a lamplighter, befitting his name, which is apparently Jack the Lamplighter. I don’t know about you, but I learned something today!The dolls retail for $39.99 each, a small price to pay for a miniature Angel of Verdun or Alexander Hamilton. (Note: you’d have to make your own outfits if you wanted to dress them in Edge of Tomorrow and Hamilton garb respectively, and I encourage you to do so.) And they’re available well in advance of Returns’ December 19 release date. What better way to get hyped for that?What other Mary Poppins collectibles would you snatch up? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Mattel

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