Will Forte is a Lonely Pool Cleaner in Electric Guest’s “Oh Devil!” Video (Premiere)

Los Angeles indie pop band Electric Guest has always had strong ties to pop culture and comedy; after all, band leader Asa Taccone is brothers with former Saturday Night Live writer and current The Lonely Island member Jorma Taccone. The thing is, though, that connections like that will only get you so far. Star power like that might get you in the room, yes, but it takes real talent to keep potential collaborators there.

Their songwriting prowess is why Electric Guest was able to get Andy Samberg and the Haim sisters in their video for “Dear To Me,” the lead single from their new album Plural. Now the group is back with another star-boosted clip for that album’s second single, “Oh Devil!,” featuring Devin Di Dakta. Check out the video above.

The video guest stars comedian Neal Brennan as Taccone’s boss at the local pool, where Taccone is the lifeguard. When he gets to work, Brennan informs Taccone that they’re “two kids down already today,” so his lifeguarding skills are totally needed. The bouncy and funky song starts, and Taccone assumes his position on the lifeguard tower before a woman he had his eyes on jumps in and is spending too much time underwater. He jumps in to rescue her, gives her mouth-to-mouth, but then she pulls a Sandlot and, having faked it the whole time, goes in for a kiss.

Oh, and be sure to stick around until the end for a Will Forte cameo.

Check out the video above, and find Electric Guest’s upcoming tour dates here.

Featured image: Interscope

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