Eggo ‘Brunch in a Jar’ Sippin’ Cream Turns Waffles, Bacon, and Butter Into a Boozy Treat

In 2022, Eggo teamed with Sugarlands Distilling Co. for Eggo Nog. The drink turned those iconic waffles into an adult beverage. I can personally attest (from too much taste testing) that silky holiday season liqueur was equally delicious and dangerous. Clearly others agreed with me, as it quickly sold out once it hit stores. Now the two companies are partnering once more for a second version. Only this drink seems designed for a morning meal any day of the year. They’ve turned an entire breakfast experience into an alcoholic sweet treat, with Eggo Brunch in a Jar Sippin’ Cream.

Eggo Brunch in a Jar Sippin Cream next to a cocktail, plate of pancakes, and a box of Eggo
Eggo/Sugarlands Distilling Co.

What Is Eggo Brunch in a Jar Sippin’ Cream, and What Does It Taste Like?

Sugarlands Distilling Co. says it’s “raising the bar for brunch” via its latest “creamy partnership between Eggo & Appalachian Sippin’ Cream.” But what is Eggo Brunch in a Jar Sippin’ Cream actually like? Well, this newest collaboration combines the flavor of toasted Eggo waffles covered in sweet maple syrup with rich butter and “hints” of smoky bacon. It’s the type of concoction we’d expect to see at the hottest brunch location in an overcrowded hipster town. Only we won’t have to wait in long lines to try it.

Where Can You Buy This Eggo Drink?

Eggo Brunch in a Jar (80 proof) will come in 750 mL bottles that once again look like a box of Eggos. You can order yours directly online from ReserveBar. Or you can find it in select Kroger, FRYS, Total Wine, and Hy-Vee retailers. To see where/if Eggo Brunch in a Jar Sippin’ Cream is available near you, just head to the drink’s official site and pop in your zip code in the store finder.

Eggo Brunch in a Jar Sippin Cream laying on its side on a plate with cocktails surrounded by plates of brunch food
Eggo/Sugarlands Distilling Co.

While this isn’t as overtly connected to the Christmas season like its Eggo Nog predecessor, it will be available in time for the holidays. Sugarlands also has a menu of cocktails you can make with Eggo Brunch in a Jar. Just like last year, I’ll definitely be trying way too many of them. Nothing beats day drinking and waffles.

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