Get Involved With #ECCCONLINE and #AmplifyArtists

With things the way that they currently are, we’ve seen all kinds of events, conventions, and even movie dates pushed back, cancelled, and delayed. This weekend was supposed to kick off the 2020 con season with Emerald City Comic Con, which was postponed earlier this month. In the wake of the postponement plenty of creators have come together to create cool virtual events under the banner of #ECCCONLINE. We’re always excited to support artists and highlight the great work they’re doing so we’ve collected the tweets of some of our favorite artists who were supposed be at ECCC so that you can support them and if you find something you love make sure to share with the tag #AmplifyArtists.

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Jen Bartel

Jen Bartel: She’s probably already your favorite Big Two cover artist, so you’re likely aware of Jen Bartel and her gorgeous renderings of iconic superheroes. The beloved illustrator and comic artist has plenty of rad work and goodies on her store this weekend as well as free shipping on orders over $15 with a special code!

Keezy Young: If you haven’t read Keezy Young’s beautiful gardening ghost story Taproot, now is the perfect time! Young is a stunning illustrator and one of the best up and coming sequential storytellers out there, so if you’re looking for cool art this weekend then make sure to check out their work!

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Steenz: As both a talented and prolific editor and an award-winning cartoonist Steenz is a contemporary comics’ powerhouse. If you haven’t already then make sure you use this weekend to check out Steenz’ and Ivy Noelle’s gorgeous graphic novel, Archival Quality. And if you need a new icon portrait then you’re in luck as the artist has opened her books!

Arielle Jovellanos: You’ve probably already seen Arielle Jovellanos’ gorgeous art on Twitter as she turns her hand to fan fave characters on a regular basis. She’s also the artist on my upcoming book Fierce Heroines and is generally one of the most exciting illustrators out there. Arielle has got a whole bunch of beautiful stuff up in her eshop this weekend!

Alexis Moore: Need a new zine to read this month? Well, luckily another brilliant illustrator and zinemaker Alexis Moore has her shop open and ready for business this weekend. Check out her gorgeous prints, and awesome zines. Her super cute 24 page Tokyo Mew Mew zine centering on the characters’ social media is a particular standout.

Abby Howard: Want some cuddly critters to keep you company during quarantine? Then make sure to check out Abby Howard’s online store. Not only can you purchase her books like Unhealthy and The Last Halloween but there are also plenty of very cute mugs, t-shirts, and prints featuring all kinds of critters and creatures that we can’t get enough of.

Genué Revuelta: We’ve been obsessed with Genué Revuelta ever since we first laid eyes on Breath of the Wild Child, a 40 page Breath of the Wild zine that is nothing short of magical. The queer xicana creator has plenty of other rad stuff on their store too including gorgeous pins, splendid comics, and loads of beautiful prints featuring many of your fave characters.

Der-shing Helmer: Want a gorgeous comics anthology to read this month? Or maybe some lovely prints? Go no further than Der-Shing Helmer’s shop which has the wonderful Electrum anthology featuring comics by some of the best creators around. Helmer’s shop also features a bunch of other wonderful books, pins, and prints for you to enjoy!

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Yoshi Yoshitani: We can’t wait to read Yoshi Yoshitani and Matthew Cody’s upcoming DC YA graphic novel Zatanna and the House of Secrets. If you’re as excited as we are then make sure to support Yoshitani’s shop which is filled with delightful prints, books, pins, and even a stunning Fairytale Tarot.

Xiao Tong: Need some beguiling art to cover your walls whilst you hibernate? Head over to Xiao Tong’s shop where you can find some unique and beautiful prints featuring all your faves. We are particularly enamoured with Tong’s Star Wars, My Hero Academia, and Frozen art.

Babs Tarr: Babs Tarr is one of comics’ biggest and brightest stars and she’s once again pulling out all the stops for fans who are disappointed about the cancelation of ECCC. Her pop-up store features her Critical Role, Killer Curves, Batgirl collections and much, much more. Basically it’s a beautiful day for fans of Babs and her astonishing art.

Yangtian Li: Epic, intricate, delicate, and fierce are all words you could use to describe Li’s art. Li’s beautiful prints, pins, are nothing less than stunning, and this weekend you can take your pick. From painted pink haired astronauts to fiery-headed archers, Li’s store has it all and if you want some truly gorgeous art then make it a must-stop on your ECCCOnline tour.

Ngozi Ukazu: You probably know Ngozi Ukazu from their record-breaking romance webcomic Check Please. She’s one of the best and most popular contemporary cartoonists working right now and not only are her comics and online presence a constant joy, but she also currently has 10% off her store to make up for the fact that the ECCC isn’t on this weekend. What a blessing!

Ena Kim: With Animal Crossing on the way there is no better time to fill your house with delightful and cozy art, which Ena Kim specializes in. Kim’s Harvest Girl series is a personal favorite and this weekend she’s debuting a new Animal Crossing print just in time for ECCCOnline and the upcoming release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Khary Randolph: Randolph’s distinctive style has long been bringing excitement and action to the often stale comics landscape. This weekend he’s opened his Big Cartel shop giving us all a chance to get his awesome sketchbooks and support one of comics most talented and exhilarating artists.

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