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Due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus, and in the spirit of public health, the folks behind Emerald City Comic-Con have had to postpone the convention. The Seattle-based con was slated for March 12-15 at the Washington State Convention Center, but has been delayed until the summer. And it might not be the only one. But it has left a lot of creative folks for whom ECCC is a big part of their income for the spring out in the cold.

But thankfully, this is the age of the internet. If we can’t have the real Emerald City Comic Con when it was supposed to happen… then we’ll have a virtual one instead. The Very Very Shopping Network, which is being organized by Jen Vaughn on Twitch, has created such an alternative.

This event will be a three-day alternative to Emerald City Comic Con, with a QVC-style shopping network format which will showcase artists, writers and other creators who were forced to cancel their upcoming ECCC appearances. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4-8 p.m. Pacific Time, hosts Jen Vaughn, Jazzlyn Stone, and Aaron Oak will feature interviews with creators, as well as hosting some selected panels for virtual con-goers to enjoy.

Fans will be able to buy comics, prints, and a whole lot more of the usual items one can usually only find at a dealer’s table on the convention floor. And all from the comfort of their own homes. It might not have the hustle and bustle and kinetic energy of the a con, but it’s the next best thing. And on the plus side, no “con smell.” You know exactly what I’m talking about, all you regular con goers.

And it’s not just vendors and panels that are getting the virtual treatment for The Very Very Very Shopping Network’s online ECCC. We know a lot of people plan for months (and even years) for their convention cosplay. It would be a shame to leave all that hard work hanging in the closet. So if you have a costume you were planning to show off, these folks have got you covered. Just send your images and videos, and you’ll get the chance to display all your hard work via the magic of the internet.

This isn’t the only virtual ECCC going on either. There are others planned as well, like an Oni Press pop-up shop, and Steve Lieber’s portfolio review, and Comfy Con, which is spectacular because all you’re required to wear are your pajamas. Sound delightfully less stressful to me.

The Coronavirus outbreak isn’t just a public health emergency, although obviously it is that first and foremost. But for those out there for whom their livelihoods are greatly effected, it’s been a disaster of a different kind. And The Very Very Shopping Network could be a lifeline for at least some of them who depend on conventions to make their living.

Down below are some links if you’d like to attend this unique convention, or if you’d just like to help out in some way, be sure to click on the following links:

Very Very Spaceship

Very Very Spaceship Twitch channel

Very Very Spaceship YouTube channel

Featured Image: The Very Very Shopping Network

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