Dunkin’ Donuts’ New Dunkin’ Spiked Hard Iced Coffees and Teas Will Change Day Drinking Forever

Did I personally inspire Dunkin’ Donuts to create their own line of Dunkin’ Spiked beverages? No, almost certainly not. To even suggest such a thing is utter madness akin to the rantings of a man who doesn’t merely tilt at windmills… He thinks he invented them. And yet…maybe I did? Years ago, I mixed Harpoon Dunkin’ Donuts beer with a large Dunkin’ iced coffee. As I wrote in my review here at Nerdist, it was utterly delicious. (Why yes, I am from New England. How could you tell?) But whether my boozy concoction had anything to do with Dunkin’s new line of alcohol offerings doesn’t matter. All that matters is getting to try all of these hard coffees and teas as soon as possible.

Dunkin’ Spiked Hard Iced Coffees and Teas

A white and orange photo of the Dunkin Spiked 12-can mix pack of coffee beer
Dunkin’ Donuts

VinePair alerted us to an upcoming line of adult beverages that could change day drinking forever. Dunkin’ Donuts already has a website for Dunkin’ Spiked, a new collection of coffee beer and hard iced tea options that might cause riots in Boston.

The hard beers/iced coffees will come in four Dunkin’ flavors. These include: Dunkin’ Spiked Original Iced Coffee, Dunkin’ Spiked Caramel Iced Coffee, Dunkin’ Spiked Mocha Iced Coffee, and Dunkin’ Spiked Vanilla Iced Coffee. Each Dunkin’ Spiked coffee beer will have an ABV of 6%. The four Dunkin’ hard iced tea flavors, meanwhile, will include: Slightly Sweet Iced Tea, Half & Half Iced Tea, Strawberry Dragonfruit Iced Tea Refresher, and Mango Pineapple Iced Tea Refresher. The Dunkin’ hard iced teas have ABVs of 5%.

More like Drunkin’ Donuts, amiritie?

A yellow and red image showing a 12-can mix pack of Dunkin Donuts hard iced teas from Dunkin Spiked
Dunkin’ Donuts

Where and When Will Dunkin’ Donuts’ Alcoholic Drinks Be Available?

The Dunkin’ Spiked hard coffee and tea offerings are not on sale yet. But these Dunkin’ Donuts alcohol-filled drinks are coming soon. Dunkin’ Spiked’s beverage line-up will release in early September, according to the company. And these Dunkin’ Donuts hard drinks will be available in twelve lucky states. They are Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont. To find Dunkin’ Spiked drinks near you, you can use the Dunkin’s product finder tool. But please be aware, these alcoholic drinks will not be available in Dunkin’ Donuts’ restaurant locations… So don’t even try to order on the app.

When these hard Dunkin’ products do hit stores, the collection’s site lists them as coming in 12-ounce cans in either four-packs or mixed packs of 12. You’ll also be able to nab oversized single-serve 19.2-ounce cans. 

Should Dunkin’ Donuts send me every variety of these alcoholic iced coffees and teas for an early taste test because I possibly inspired their very existence? No, that would be an absurd thing for me to say.

…But I still hope they do.

Originally published on August 10, 2023.

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