D&D Spells and Cantrips Take Form as Shirts, Posters, and Mugs

Even those who’ve enjoyed a wide range of Dungeons & Dragons characters and campaigns surely have their favorites. No matter how many times I brave the trenches of the fantastical, I’ll never forget my first role. I was Kimby the war-forged bard, an adventurer robot with a love for the stage. No matter your preference of roles and rituals, Modern Arcana has you covered (quite literally). The upstart company peddles clothing and accessories devoted to celebrating the varied tenets of D&D play.

A Dungeons and Dragons shirt showcasing the spell Vicious Mockery

Modern Arcana

Modern Arcana offers three distinct product types: T-shirts, posters, and coffee mugs. Each comes adorned in a visualization of either a cantrip or a level-specific spell; the corresponding ability is name-checked in boldface text above the design. The shirt section boasts the widest variety of designs, spanning the first three levels of D&D spells, as well as cantrips. Posters and mugs comprise fewer options, but nevertheless feature some good choices.

A Dungeons and Dragons poster showcasing the spell Feather Fall

Modern Arcana

Each product also features a description of the cantrip or spell in question; the length of these passages varies from item to item, dependent on the complexity of the power. Some amount a few hefty paragraphs; however, the text is small enough as not to interfere with the overall aesthetic of the piece.

A Dungeons and Dragons mug showcasing the spell Find Familiar

Modern Arcana

Each shirt costs $29.99 and each mug will set you back $18.95. The posters range in price dependent on their size. They come in 8×10 inches (which costs $19.99), 12×16 inches ($29.99), and 16×20 inches ($34.99). Just one bard’s opinion, but as these are fairly small posters, the shirts feel like better deals.

Modern Arcana has a 30-day refund policy, but with caveats. You can find out more information about the company’s policies on their Terms of Service page. If you do end up buying a shirt or two, it should make for apt attire for your next campaign. Or a watch party of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons TV series. Or the also upcoming movie. Not a bad time to be a D&D fan.

Featured Image: Modern Arcana

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