Be a Hero with This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Charity Bundle

The Dungeon Masters Guild has something for every kind of Dungeon Master, from adventure modules you won’t find anywhere else, to custom subclasses, to magical spells and items waiting to be discovered by your players. And now they’re offering a treasure trove of content at a steal—and you don’t have to roll a Sleight of Hand check. (That was a little Dungeons & Dragons humor for you there.) The Adventuring From Home charity bundle benefits Doctors Without Borders and offers an incredible deal packed with amazing adventures you can go on right now from the comfort of your home.

Dungeon Masters Guild Adventuring from Home Bundle

Dungeon Masters Guild

Inside the special bundle you’ll find 25 amazing ways to make your next D&D experience a unique one. There are adventures for new players both young and old. They include a dance-off in the Tomb of Bad Decisions, an adorable goblin heist with pre-made characters, owlbears on the loose, and a Bob Ross-inspired adventure.*

There are also new subclasses, spells, and monsters for experience Dungeon Masters and players to craft into their home games. From otter and Kraken-based races to a Knight Librarian subclass, there are options here to make a character that will leave an impression long after the dice are put away.

Dungeons and Dragons monster

Wizards of the Coast

All of this community-generated content would normally add up to over $100. However, thanks to this generous charity initiative, you can get it all for just $20. All profits from the bundle go directly to Doctors Without Borders to assist in coronavirus pandemic efforts. You can also donate without any digital downloads if you simply wish to support the cause.

This is a limited time bundle, so roll on over to the DMs Guild now to find thousands of adventures ready for you to start with just the click of a button.

Featured Image: Dungeon Masters Guild

*Editor’s Note: Nerdist contributor Kelly Knox wrote an adventure included in the bundle.

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