The Auction of Many Things Will Raise Money For the Creators of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS

For Dungeons & Dragons fans, the tabletop role-playing game is more than a hobby. It’s a gateway into a world of magic, self-discovery, and adventure unlike any other form of entertainment. The interactive quality lets players live out their wildest fantasies. It also bonds them with other players, and creates communities where imagination is the most foundational aspect.

To celebrate the impact that D&D had on their lives, a group of fans is banding together to raise money to benefit the surviving creators of the game that has brought so much joy into their lives. To do so, they’ve created The Auction of Many Things, which will auction off exclusive art inspired by Dungeons & Dragons to fans in attendance, at a variety of price ranges so that everyone can participate.

The event was generated by the “Murder Hobos,” a Los Angeles-based D&D fan group who came up with the idea after attending Gary Con in Lake Geneva and realizing, collectively, how much D&D has positively impacted their lives, and helped them become the adults they are today. The idea behind the auction is to provide a financial cushion for the original surviving D&D creators – like Jim Ward, Tim Kask, and other TSR, Inc. employees – so they won’t be forgotten and so they have a fund to turn to should a dire financial need arise.

Actor Joe Manganiello, filmmaker Kyle Newman, and Luke Gygax, son of D&D co-creator Gary Gygax, will also participate in the event. 

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“When I found Dungeons & Dragons as a kid, it was like all of a sudden my world was in color for the first time,” Manganiello explains in the auction’s promo. That’s a feeling we’re sure many of those hooked on the game have experienced at some point, and a feeling the art from The Auction of Many Things is sure to capture.

Manganiello’s company Death Saves is co-sponsoring the auction, along with Newman’s D&D visual history book Art & Arcana, L.A. burger restaurant  Grill ‘Em All, and advertising agency Nightowl Studios LTD.

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The Auction of Many Things, which will provide food and drinks, is being held at Titmouse Studios in Los Angeles on March 2. You can RSVP and learn more about the event on their Facebook event page, or visit the official website,, to make a donation.

Images: The Auction of Many Things 

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