DUNE Sandworm Bookends Will Bring Some Spice to Your Shelves

When you’re on Arrakis, the last thing you probably want to see is a sandworm. The massive, fierce creatures from Frank Herbert’s Dune terrorize those who carelessly wander into Arrakis’ vast deserts. They loom large over the planet, especially the native Fremen who coexist with them. We’re quite looking forward to seeing the sandworms on the big screen in Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming film adaptation. The teases in trailers show frightening sandworms so big it’s hard to wrap your head around. And merchandise is taking cues from the movie’s designs. Case in point: these sandworm bookends.

Sculpted sandworm bookends from Dune holding up plain black books

Dark Horse Direct

We first spotted these beauties from Dark Horse Direct and Legendary Entertainment at Polygon. The sculpture captures the rough skin texture you’d expect sandworms to have. Plus, look at all those teeth! A wave of sand splits the bookends so it will look like the sandworm is emerging around your books. The design gives the whole sculpt a sense of movement.

Sculpted sandworm bookends from Dune

Dark Horse Direct

These sandworm bookends are the definition of statement pieces. Measuring over eight inches tall, eight inches wide, and six inches deep, they’ll definitely stand out on your bookshelves. And bonus: they won’t try to eat you! The polyresin pieces feature hand painting and impressive detail. Given the attention to every little sandworm tooth, the edition size is capped at 2,000. If you want these to hold up your collection of Dune books or anything else, you can place a pre-order now. Each set costs $149.99. They’re limited to two per customer.

Dune arrives in theaters on October 22, 2021. And as for these sandworm bookends? They’ll ship sometime between December 2021 and March 2022.

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