DUNE Art Nouveau Portraits Reimagine Classic Characters

This December, Denis Villeneuve is bringing another adaptation of Dune to the big screen. Frank Herbert’s beloved sci-fi novel has waited years to get a proper film treatment, and needless to say, we’re thrilled that it’s finally happening. ( With an A-list cast, no less!)

Because Dune has existed as part of our pop culture for so long, it means that everyone from artists to cosplayers to fanfic writers have figured out creative ways to add their personal passionate contributions to the story. Over on Instagram, a freelance artist who goes by the name of suumum has been reimagining Dune characters as art nouveau drawings in a series of character portraits—and each one is so damn cool. Check out this amazing rendition of Lady Jessica!

What makes each portrait unique and eye-catching is the artist’s attention to detail, along with the art deco styling that’s normally hard to capture so effortlessly. This rendering of Gaius Helen Mohiam has us swooning over the facial details alone.

Another thing that sets these portraits apart? The interpretation. For example, suumum creatively reimagines Leto Atreides II in an artistic way that showcases what a beautiful character he is. One of the comments on the drawing mentions Dune tarot cards in this style and honestly? Even if we were just basing our answer on this particular portrait alone, we’d be into it.

One of our favorites is Chani. Her portrait is simple, yet clearly shows how suumum shows off an original take on a character. The focus for this portrait is on her facial tattoos which, as she notes in her caption, are inspired by Bedouin women.

You can see the full collection of Dune art over at suumum’s Instagram page. So far, she’s uploaded 10 different pieces, but her latest post hints that there’s more to come. And if these portraits are any indication, we can’t wait to see what she unveils.

Featured Image: Warner Bros/Legendary

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