Get Ready for DUNE with Your Own Avatar

Are you ready to join the Fremen? Virtually speaking, of course. Well, now you’ll have the opportunity to use the Weirding Way yourself. As we eagerly await the arrival of Dune in theaters and on HBO Max this October, fans of Frank Herbert’s world can now make themselves look like a citizen of the planet Arrakis. And all thanks to the new Dune avatar creator.

If you head on over to, you can make yourself a compatriot of Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica, or Duncan Idaho. And we promise that Dune-avatar is not some upcoming crossover between Denis Villeneuve’s Dune and James Cameron’s Avatar. Because really, no one asked for that. Besides, a Dune/Star Wars crossover makes way more sense. What with similar desert planets and all.

Dune avatars

Similar to other avatar creators, the new Dune app lets you upload a photo of yourself to your mobile device or tablet and then pick your own desert garb. Do you want a fancy scarf to go with that armor? Now you can. As with most avatar creators, you also get to pick your skin tone, hair color, and length. And your eye color and eyewear, too! Remember, in the world of Dune, eye color is quite important. The bright blue eyes that come from ingesting too much Spice elevate one’s status in the saga.

The Dune-avatar app also lets you choose whether you wish your avatar to present as male or female. Or neither. It also lets you decide whether you want to go with a hood or without. For the record, we come down on team hood. It just says “desert warrior” to us a little bit more. As long as our avatar gets to spend some quality time with Oscar Isaac, we’re here for it.

Dune arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on October 22.

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