Yes, Yes, This New DUMBO Trailer Will Make You Cry, Too

At this point all someone has to do to make us tear-up over Disney’s live-action remake of Dumbo is mention it to us. Sad Dumbo just about ruined us, but the film’s promos have also been full of hope and tenderness they’ve resulted in lots of good cries too. The latest look at the movie might be the most emotional yet, even if it’s not as dark as the others, because nothing will turn on the waterworks quite like seeing Dumbo being born. Especially when someone thinks there’s something wrong with the baby elephant.

Unlike the first two teasers for the film, which focused more on the plight of Dumbo being separated from his mother and the effort to reunite them, the movie’s new international trailer highlights the majesty of the strange young elephant who can fly. Starting with Dumbo’s birth and the realization that he is a very strange looking animal thanks to his big ears, from learning he can soar thanks to a feather, to Michael Keaton’s big time circus promoter hoping to make a lot of money off the tiny “wonder,” this is a moving tale of an outsider who has something special for the world, and how the world quickly tries to take advantage of it.

Uh, is Danny DeVito playing the worst human in the world? How could anyone see baby Dumbo, with those giant ears and big beautiful eyes, and think there was something wrong with him? Imagine not thinking you were the luckiest circus owner in the world after seeing him for the first time. Forget being able to fly, we’d pay top dollar just to stare at him. He isn’t merely the cutest baby elephant in the world, that’s the cutest living creature we’ve ever seen.

Just seeing him is making him emotional. Again.

Dumbo flies into theaters just in time for spring on March 29.

Featured Image: Disney Studios

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