The Internet Reacts to Sad Clown Dumbo

Tim Burton has been creeping us out since the ’80s so it’s only fitting that the first trailer for his reimagining of Dumbo is nothing less than terrifying. The live action Disney remake looks like it will leave us all as emotional wrecks, just like the original. The adaptation also happens to star Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito which has a lot of the internet wondering about whether this is a covert Batman Returns continuation. Basically, the first full-length trailer‘s bringing out the weird, wonderful, and very very sad, so we’ve composed a collection of some of the best responses just for you.

I pretend I’m not hurt, I walk about the world like I’m having fun. Nevin is leading the “WHHHHYYYYYYYYY DISSSNEYYYY???” pack Towndrow is seriously regretting watching the trailer outside T. Donahue is rightfully furious Angie may be the most sensible of us all

Wait a minute this looks familiar… Nero arguing for the most important constitutional right of all: the right to head canon.’re really into this theory by Disneyland Doc though surely the fact that Dumbo can fly makes him the Grayson? all the jokes, this still does look very similar to the art deco wonderland of Batman Return‘s Gotham. Todd for reminding us, yet again that there is only one true Batman.

It is a little… weird. very fair and logical question being raised here by Steph. factual and good content from Karthik. just really don’t like this at all, I’m sorry. IS THE BEST DUMBO RELATED TWEET! CONFIRMED WINNER!!Did you see some really great Dumbo content we somehow missed? Just can’t wait to see Pennywise  Dumbo enter the circus in March next year? Jump on your fave flying mammal and let us know!

Featured Image: Disney

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