Get Your Hands On (and In) Dragonscale Gauntlets

Everyone needs a sword because we’re adults and we do what we want. You can’t have a sword without armor, however, and that’s where DraconicWares on Etsy comes in. Their lightweight “dragonscale” gauntlets are flexible, shiny, made to fit, and just plain cool. But you probably don’t want to actually throw any punches with them on—they’re made out of aluminum.

Dragonscale Gauntlets in red


We first heard about this amazing armor thanks to Technabob. The fiery red-scaled gauntlets are surprisingly thin. Each scale moves with ease, made from anodized aluminum and linked with chainmail mesh. DraconicWares designed the pieces to provide enough range of movement to  even get a “good grip for holding your goblet.” (Again, the store notes that the armor is not combat-ready, so do not duel your friends when the gauntlets come in the mail. We know you’ll want to.)

When you place your order, you’ll provide the clever crafters exact hand and wrist measurements to ensure the gloves fit like, well, gloves. DraconicWares strives to make each pair as form-fitting as possible. You can also select the color of scales to properly represent the last dragon you slew.

Because each pair of gauntlets are made to order, they are understandably pricey. One pair of red gauntlets will cost you $600; for more colors and customization, the price can go even higher. That attention to detail and craftsmanship makes it all worth it.

If your budget isn’t the size of a dragon’s treasure hoard, take a look at DraconicWares’ other items. You’ll find mail necklaces, keychains, bracelets, and… is that the Infinity Gauntlet?!

Infinity Gauntlet


Support a small business and arrive at your next Dungeons & Dragons game in style with any of their offerings. And please share photos of your party members’ jealous faces.

Kelly Knox is a freelance entertainment writer in Seattle, WA who writes for  Star Wars, DC Comics, and more. Her first book,  Marvel Monsters, comes out in July from DK Books.

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