DRACULA Delivers Last-Minute Final Trailer Before Worldwide Release

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have been responsible for great British TV, including their work on this odd little sci-fi show called Doctor Who. Now, the Sherlock creators are teaming up again for Dracula, a three-episode TV miniseries about the infamous vampire. The show is based on the 1897 horror novel by Bram Stoker and will give yet another take on the titular character. Dracula is taking over the new year on BBC One, where an episode has been airing each night with the finale airing on January 3. The series will be available to fans around the world via Netflix on January 4, so today is a perfect day to drop a last-minute final trailer.

The clip starts off with Dracula (Claes Bang) saying that blood is everything we need and the source of truth. A nun, Sister Agatha Van Helsing (Dolly Wells), speaks with Jonathan Harker (John Heffernan) who spent time with Dracula and somehow survived to tell the tale. Harker sits forward with damaged skin, bloody nailbeds, and a haunted look in his eyes and calls Dracula a monster and “the devil himself.” Well, that’s one way to describe someone.

Dracula shows up for a bit, flashing his teeth and promising to “destroy everything you love.” Ahhh what a heartwarming kind of guy. A group of nuns get together with stakes in hand, vowing to discover the one thing that Dracula fears. This falls in line with the video’s description, which says the following:

He’s been around for centuries, but what happens when a worthy adversary bites back?

The remainder of the clip encourages audiences to see the dark in a new light with several shots of blood, fear, and a romantic Dracula moment with Mina before a woman asks about his identity. She will certainly figure out the truth soon. The camera rests on Dracula’s face for a final shot to wrap up the trailer.

One thing is for sure—this Dracula certainly won’t shuffle around saying he wants to drink your blood. Dracula also stars Morfydd Clark as Mina Harker and Sacha Dhawan, who recently made a major splash on Doctor Who, as Dr. Sharma. And Mark Gatiss is getting in on the Dracula action as a minor character.

According to Deadline, Dracula has already gotten rave reviews from critics, including two five-star reviews from The Guardian and Daily Mail. It’s not surprising considering this duo’s work on Sherlock, which seems to be on an indefinite hiatus since its season four finale over two years ago. But, for now, fans can enjoy one of the first new miniseries in this decade over the weekend.

You’ve already watched The Witcher at least twice and the TV world has kind of slowed down after a barrage of holiday films and seemingly endless The Rise of Skywalker debates. And, it’s going to be a while before your favorite TV shows return from their winter breaks. So, kick back for a night and dive into the dark, entertaining world of Dracula.

Image Credit: Netflix

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