DOWNTON ABBEY Movie Trailer Picks Up in 1927

Downton Abbey is one of the greatest dramas ever produced by British television, but it sadly came to an end in 2015 after six incredible seasons. But this left loyal Downton fans all over the globe wanting more. But now, almost the entire cast of the original series is back for the new Downton Abbey film, which has just released its first full length trailer. You can watch it down below.

So what have we learned about the plot of this film from this trailer? For starters, it seems that the main thrust of the story is a Royal visit to the Crawley estate from King George V and his family. It seems that much of the house staff has been let go or has moved on, as by the time this movie takes place, enormous servant staffs were falling out of favor for manors like Downton. But many are going to be called back for this once-in-a-lifetime visit. We also learned that the movie takes place in 1927, a full two years after the series finale (which took place during Christmas 1925).

Original series creator Julian Fellows wrote the film’s screenplay, and he is also the co-producer. Although most of the cast of the original series is back, there are a few standouts missing, like Lily James who played Cousin Rose. The actress is not coming back for the big screen version, mostly due to other filming commitments. The series wrote her out as leaving for America with her new husband in the show’s final season, so it makes sense for her to sit out an already crowded film. So will this be the capper for Downton Abbey, or the start of a possible film series? We don’t know yet, but we do know this film is set to hit theaters on September 20.

Images: Focus Features / ITV

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