Watch Good Dogs Take a Ride on Their Own Custom Train

Wholesome news alert! What’s better than seeing an adorable train and a pack of cute dogs? A train carrying those wonderful animals, of course. Eugene Bostick, a railroad retiree, took on the greatest job of his life when he became a conductor for a dog train in Fort Worth, Texas. Bostick and his brother Walter teamed up to make the special transportation for abandoned dogs. A video clip of furry friends enjoying the ride is happy fuel you need to make your day brighter.

The clip, originally from 2015, resurfaced on Digg recently and we love to see it. Several dogs are barking with joy as they ride around in a plastic blue train. The cars are made from fiberglass barrels and being pulled by Bostick’s John Deere tractor trailer. Like humans, the dogs take in the views and enjoy the moment.

For Eugene Bostick, the decision to give dogs joy was natural. According to The Dog Train’s Facebook page, he’d spent 20 years rescuing dogs and providing them with temporary shelter and health care. And what could lift a dog’s spirit more than a lot of love and a fun ride? Many of the canines who have rode on the train were former strays taken in by Bostick for a better life.

The city’s love for this project led to thousands of dollars in GoFundMe support and fans coming out to see the train in action. It’s not clear if the Bostick brothers’ Dog Train is still running in 2021. (Unfortunately, Walter passed away in 2020.)

a man drives a John Deere tractor and pulls several blue round train cars with different types of dogs in them for a dog train

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/ YouTube

But, thanks to YouTube, this clip gets to live forever and keep bringing us joy. We deserve to see this and smile. But, more importantly, every good boy (and girl) deserves a fun ride, whether its on a little blue train or in a other mode of transportation.

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