DOCTOR WHO May Have Set Yaz Up For A Major Story Arc

Spoilers ahead for Doctor Who Season 12’s premiere episode.

Thirteen, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham are back in action again and, whoa, was Spyfall an adventure. Right now, fans are freaking out over the big Master reveal and what Doctor truths are really lies. But, Yaz went through an experience that may be life-changing and affect how this season’s arc will unfold. She was transported to an odd forest-like pocket dimension used by the illuminated—and menacing—antagonists and seems okay… but is everything really all good?

So far, we have only seen Yaz and The Doctor inside of this place. And, The Doctor is quite disturbed by what she sees, even though it’s not clear if she recognizes this space. Yaz was there alone for what seemed like only a few minutes which she spent being understandably freaked out and observing light/power surges going through tentacles. She was transported back in place of the light “creature” that The Doctor and O (a.k.a. The Master) had in their custody.


Yaz looks completely horrified and later admits to Ryan that she thought she was dead. Interestingly, she describes her experience as “nothingness.”

She gets back into the flow of things with relative ease like any good companion but it’s hard to not wonder if Yaz is, well, still actually Yaz. Here’s a few questions that need answers ASAP:

Did the dimension affect Yaz’s body?

Companions travel to different places all the time with no major effects. But, Yaz’s brief experience in this place isn’t like gallivanting around an alien planet. She was hit with a surge of energy to bring her body both there and back to Earth.

And, even though she seemed to be only there for a few minutes, time could work completely different in that space. It would be interesting to see if this dimension has a lingering effect on Yaz as a human time traveler.

Is Yaz still 100 percent human?

When the light creatures captured Yaz, she was acting like a spy—the exact same people that they have been taking all along. They have been re-arranging spies’ DNA and it’s possible that this happened to Yaz to some degree. After all, Daniel Barton is only 93 percent human.

It’s not clear if Thirteen attempted to scan Yaz and make sure she was okay, so there’s a chance that Yaz may have experienced some DNA shifts. Will this work out in her favor or become a physical advantage that leads to her (or The Doctor’s) demise? You never know with Doctor Who.


What did Yaz see during the brief moment between that dimension and our world?

Yaz claims she saw nothingness in the alien dimension but she clearly saw the tree-like tentacles and light there. Panic and fear may be causing her to not remember clearly… or Yaz could have seen something briefly that terrifies her.

It’s not out of the question to think that Yaz may have gotten a glimpse of something horrifying that is either embedded in her subconscious or that she has convinced herself that it cannot be real.

What plans does The Master have for Yaz?

Yes, Yaz has some plot armor as a companion but it’s not clear these creatures didn’t just “kill” her like they did with the spies. Perhaps they sensed something special about her because she has spent time in the TARDIS. Or, maybe it’s all a part of The Master’s plan. She is certainly the most “Doctorish” of the companions so perhaps that is why he gravitated towards her in the episode.

The final moments even showed him menacingly inviting her to “stick with him” because he controls everything. He may end up using Yaz as a bargaining chip for The Doctor at some point in the future. Will he get inside of Yaz’s head and mess around? Did he intend for her to go to that other dimension for a reason? We will see what happens.


A “super” Yaz could be fun to watch but no one wants to see another Donna Noble situation nor a companion being forever altered due to the actions of The Master (poor Bill Potts). So, hopefully her experience is either a fleeting moment or will lead to her being an asset in a way that doesn’t lead to a tragic end for the young officer.

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