What Can Happen Next on DOCTOR WHO with Thirteen and Yaz?

It’s Thasmin time! Thirteen and Yaz will take on season 13 together after Graham and Ryan’s emotional yet rather unceremonious exit. A new companion named Dan will step into the TARDIS for reasons that aren’t exactly clear because, well, we really don’t need a guy there, right? But even with a replacement, Yaz and Thirteen’s undoubtedly special relationship will continue to grow and evolve. No one knows when we will get new episodes, but it leaves a lot of time for speculation. Thankfully, “Revolution of the Daleks” gives us a few hints as to what’s going on in Yaz and The Doctor’s minds and how they might proceed in the future.

In the beginning of the episode, Yaz is the only companion who refuses to accept that The Doctor may not come back. She’s spending her days and nights inside the spare TARDIS trying to figure out how to find Thirteen. Yaz’s allegiance to The Doctor has always been much stronger than her companion counterparts’, but it really comes through when The Doctor finally reunites with the fam and Jack Harkness.

Yaz is so overwhelmed and upset that she shoves The Doctor hard (a move that shocks everyone in the room). The Doctor can only apologize for her absence but it leaves Yaz in an emotional lurch.

The Time Traveling Conundrum
Doctor Who Yaz and Thirteen stand in hallway with red light

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Jack Harkness later confronts Yaz about her feelings for The Doctor. He’s able to relate to her emotions after his own experiences with the Ninth Doctor. Viewers missed some of it onscreen but Jack travels with Nine and Rose for some unspecified amount of time before they separate for a while during “The Parting of Ways.” Yaz recognizes their common history with The Doctor and opens up about her thoughts during Thirteen’s absence.

“It felt cruel. To be shown something I couldn’t have anymore. Felt like…I’d rather not have known. I’d rather not have met her ‘cause having met her and then, being without her, that’s worse. How do you deal with that?”

Jack reassures her that meeting The Doctor and traveling in the TARDIS is a rare opportunity that makes them special. He tells Yaz to enjoy the time they have because no one can control when it will end. Jack also warns Yaz that the joy will come with more pain. If we know anything about Doctor Who, their time together will end. It could be good or it may be horrible but it’s the risk companions take to see the universe.

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This conversation fuels Yaz’s enthusiastic decision to continue traveling with The Doctor, who is ecstatic to have her right-hand woman onboard. Yaz is certainly not the first person to develop a strong emotional attachment to the Gallifreyan hero. Companions like Rose Tyler and Donna Noble wanted to stay in the TARDIS forever until bad things shifted those plans.

Perhaps Yaz will cautiously continue on and keep Jack’s words in mind. However, it doesn’t seem like she’s really thought about the risk of consistently leaving her family behind. What happens to those relationships? Will she ever feel ready to come back and stay for good? Or will something have to rip her from The Doctor? Only time will tell. We can only hope Yaz will let go when it’s the right time and find Jack for another chat (and maybe a fun job).

In the meantime, actress Mandip Gill hinted to Digital Spy that Yaz’s previous mental health storyline may come up in the future. This wouldn’t be surprising considering how much death and destruction often comes with TARDIS travels. Gill said the next season is prime time for fans to really dig into her character’s persona. Honestly, we are far overdue a chance to get to know more about Yaz and hopefully the addition of Dan doesn’t take away from this needed development.

Thank You for Being a Friend

One thing is for sure: The Doctor needs Yaz on her side. Ryan and Thirteen also have a heartfelt chat about The Doctor’s current identity crisis. He reminds her that even though she found out parts of her past are a mystery (and a lie), she’s still The Doctor. Ryan encourages Thirteen to go forth and continue to uncover more about her life.

She thanks him for being a friend, which is exactly what she needs right now. Thirteen is in a state of flux between new life revelations and guilt over losing time with her fam. Yaz’s friendship and support along with her brilliance will be beneficial during these next steps. The Doctor also needs someone who can take charge, think quickly on their feet, and will challenge her when she’s wrong. All of those traits are right there with Yaz.

Yaz Doctor Who examines a machine in greenlight room

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This episode shows Yaz stepping into her Doctorish mind with bold, clear decisions and carrying out tasks with relative ease. The Doctor and Yaz already have a healthy respect for each other that will only blossom as they spend more time together. The heart truly grows fonder after an absence.

The Doctor will take Ryan’s advice to confront the “new and the old.” Thasmin will have to discover the Timeless Child’s realm for more answers which will probably set up more questions. There’s also the possibility that Tecteun, who experimented on a child version of The Doctor to give the Time Lords their regenerative abilities, could possibly still be alive to give The Doctor valuable information about her unknown incarnations. This investigation could possibly be The Doctor’s biggest mission yet, so a solid companion who knows her well is an asset.

Sure, Yaz and The Doctor are heading to the Meringue Galaxy restaurant for fun but there’s work to be done. It’s time to head for the stars for adventure, action, and answers.

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