DOCTOR WHO Reveals New Holiday Special Photos and Details

Doctor Who’s last episode left fans in a lurch with months to speculate about its cliffhanger. The Doctor is serving a life sentence in an asteroid prison for an unknown crime. Ryan, Yaz, and Graham are back on Earth with no answers about her status. The Master is probably dead but not really dead. There are so many questions that need answers and its been mostly crickets since the finale. The show’s next episode will actually be its holiday special “Revolution of the Daleks” where we will catch back up with TARDIS team. And now we finally have our first details about what will go down.

The series revealed two new photos and a brief plot summary of what will happen in this episode. According to “Revolution of the Daleks” description, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham are back to their normal lives. But, of course, they still wonder what happened to their time-traveling friend and miss being in the TARDIS. However, there’s no such thing as “normal” for this trio anymore.

They will discover a sinister plan involving a Dalek and have to figure out if they can save others without their trusty alien leader (even though we know she will somehow show up). A photo of the companion fam shows them sitting together at a table. They appear to have tons of papers and sticky notes in front of them as they ponder what’s going on.

Graham, Ryan, and Yaz sit at a table full of papers in Revolution of the Daleks

Courtesy of Christine Ramage/BBC

Ryan looks sadder and more distant than Yaz, who has a pen in hand and seems to be ready for some investigative action. There have been rumors that Ryan and maybe even Graham will be leaving the series in “Revolution of the Daleks.” So, perhaps Ryan is pondering about what he wants to do next with his life. Or, maybe something happens during this battle with the Daleks that makes him choose to walk way.

Graham could be supportive of his decision and decide to stay on Earth as well. The worst case scenario would be if Graham or Ryan end up sacrificing their lives to save others. Hopefully, the show will steer away from death or leaving them in some weird situation and simply allow them to have agency over their ending if they are set to leave.

There is one interesting sticky note that stands out on the table. It says MDZ and what appears to be either “Nast” or “Must” Research.  This takes us back to the New Year’s Day special “Resolution.” ( It’s worth a re-watch.) In that episode we discovered that MDZ is a weapons research company that buys alien weapons from the black market. It’s a very Dalek centric episode that leads to its Dalek mutant being cast into a supernova.

So it seems this episode will reconnect with some plot threads there. “Resolution” also reunited Ryan with his estranged father, who declines The Doctor’s invitation to join the fam. Ryan’s dad and archaeologists Lin and Mitch could return for the episode as well. This would make sense if the Ryan rumors are true because he could leave to further reconnect with his dad.

The Thirteenth Doctor stands in front of a chalkboard with tally marks wearing a burgundy jumpsuit

Courtesy of Christine Ramage/BBC

Right now, there’s no set air date or time but these specials usually debut on Christmas day. The Thirteenth Doctor has already had a New Year’s Day special so its time for her to take on Christmas. However, as the second photo indicates, that will be easier said than done. Thirteen is donning a burgundy prison jumpsuit and slightly longer hair as she makes hash marks on the walls.

They aren’t normal tallies with four standing marks and one slash. Instead, they have eight standing marks and an X over them. It’s always hard to know what’s going through The Doctor’s mind but surely these marks means something to the overall story. We will finally get to discover what The Doctor’s alleged crimes are and perhaps a bit more about this asteroid prison facility.

“Revolution of the Daleks” once felt so far away but now, with these new revelations, the excitement for the show’s next adventure is starting to rise again.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Christine Ramage/BBC

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