DOCTOR WHO Brings Back Ace In A New Trailer

Classic Who fans rejoice! A Doctor Who Season 26 collection is being released on December 23 and the show celebrated with a wicked new trailer starring a blast from the past. Seventh Doctor companion Ace (Sophie Aldred) is back to update fans on her life 30 years after her ambiguous departure due to the Doctor Who’s cancellation in 1989. Her potential ending was addressed in audios and books, including her joining the 26th century Spacefleet and becoming a time traveler on a motorbike, but there have been many arguments about whether those timelines are canon.

This trailer seems to follow the story established in The Sarah Jane Adventures when Sarah Jane discovered that Ace founded A Charitable Earth (ACE), an organization that has raised billions of dollars. In the clip, Ace stands inside ACE and looks out the window as she reflects on her time with The Doctor. Several scenes from the series play as she talks about the comrades, villains, and monsters she encountered throughout her TARDIS time.

She thanks The Doctor for helping her realize her potential as a wayward teenager and says he let her go to make the world a better place. But, of course, she longs for the day that he would return back. At the end, she hears the TARDIS and sees the handle of Seven’s umbrella tap on door. The fate of companions hasn’t always been great, so seeing Ace living a wonderful life in London feels good.

This brilliant trailer makes you wonder what would happen if Ace encountered the Thirteenth Doctor. Aldred’s love for Ace has never waned, as evidenced in her frequent Big Finish audio appearances. And, Sarah Jane’s appearance during the Tenth Doctor’s era was the last time a classic companion came back. So, why not bring Ace into the mix and have fun explaining why The Doctor looks really different?

Ace is still a complete boss who can teach Ryan, Graham, and Yasmin a few things. After all, she was the prototype for the modern era’s companion with a solid personal growth arc, fierce independence, intricate backstory, and an avenue for exploring deeper emotions and human nature.

Her appearance on the TV series may never happen again, but there is certainly a lot to enjoy in the Doctor Who Season 26 collection. The box-set has remastered episodes, rare extended cuts, interviews with Sylvester McCoy and Aldred, a feature on then-showrunner John Nathan-Turner, and a “behind the sofa” feature where the actors check out some episodes.

It’s not clear if the Doctor/companion duo filmed a clip (or more) to pick up where the trailer left off with a joyful reunion, but fans can dream, right? Either way, it’s a chance to own another piece of Doctor Who history and get some onscreen closure to Ace’s epic adventure.

Image Credit:BBC

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