Jodie Whittaker Becomes the First-Ever DOCTOR WHO Barbie Doll

With the first-ever female Doctor comes a whole new universe of merchandising, as Jodie Whittaker takes the Time Lord somewhere she has never gone before: into the world of Barbie! Let’s face it, reproducing Tom Baker’s curly hair would have been insanely difficult back in the day. Barbie has a tradition of immortalizing women who break new ground, so one who breaks new relative dimensions in space is a natural fit.Preorders begin at midnight eastern time tonight, October 7, at,, and, for delivery December 3, just in time to gift your favorite Whovian for the holidays.Thirteen (yes, yes, War Doctor, two Tennants, but let’s just keep the canonical “official” regeneration numbering system since everyone else is) comes with a rainbow-striped t-shirt, cropped trousers and a trench coat. She also has signature suspenders and lace-up boots, plus the new sonic screwdriver which we now know looks weirdly organic because it’s made of melted spoons (Tommy Wiseau surely approves).Male Barbies aren’t unheard of…we got Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, after all. So maybe after this they could attempt Tom Baker’s curly mane? But even if they don’t want to go that route, there are plenty of great female possibilities. Rose Tyler, Clara Oswald, Romana, Leela, Sarah Jane Smith—so many possibilities for future dolls there. And if we ever get a 12-inch figure of Star Wars‘ Finn, you can reenact Attack the Block, in which John Boyega costarred opposite Whittaker. (Seriously, see that movie if you haven’t).Are your credit cards at the ready? Materialize into comments to let us know!

Images: Mattel

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