DOCTOR STRANGE’S Sanctum Sanctorum Actually Appears on Google Maps

One of the coolest things that Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby did when creating the Marvel Universe way back in the ’60s was use real locations in New York City as the bases of operations for their superhero characters. This was a stark contrast to the DC Comics Universe, which places all its in made up places like Gotham City or Metropolis.

While some pieces of the Marvel world were located outside of city limits (Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters could be found in upstate New York, for example), most of the big items were right at home in Manhattan— Avengers mansion, Stark Enterprises, and the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building. And yes, the home of Dr. Stephen Strange. Known better as “the Sanctum Sanctorum,” Strange’s residence was located in Greenwich Village, and even had an address: 177A Bleecker Street.Now, thanks to the eagle-eyed Chris Hewitt at Empire magazine, we’ve learned thaT the Sorcerer Supreme’s home can actually be found on Google Maps. If one types in the words “Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum,”  it brings up the location at 177A Bleecker Street in New York City, which Google classifies as an “Association or Business.” As it turns out, is listed as its official website. You can see a screengrab down below.

We’ve learned, via Entertainment Weekly, that fans of the doc have actually been leaving reviews of the Sanctorum; some of them are fairly hilarious. One says, “I came in for just a headache, the good doctor also cured my demonic possession and gave my aura a facelift. Now that’s service!” Another Marvel fan wrote, “Came by to cleanse an ancient artifact. 10/10 Would def recommend.”

Are you planning on visiting the Sanctum’s office during business hours while in New York? Let us know in the comments down below.

How Doctor Strange fits into the MCU…

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Image: Marvel Studios, Google Maps

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