Use the Time Stone with Dr. Strange Eye of Agamotto Replica

Have you always wanted to control the flow of time with that doohickey Stephen Strange wears around his neck? You remember. The one that contains the Time Stone, and helps to save our reality at the end of Doctor Strange? Well, you may not be able to get the real Eye of Agamotto. That one is spoken for. But the folks at Hasbro have just revealed a replica of the Master of the Mystic Arts’ powerful talisman that fans can buy. You can check out the first images right here, via the Hasbro Pulse site, along with the official description.

You can now display the Eye of Agamotto in your own Sanctum Sanctorum.


“Green and glowing at the center, this premium role play Eye of Agamotto electronic talisman is the ultimate combination of costume and collectible! Specifically modeled on the Sorcerer Supreme’s powerful possession, the premium role play Eye of Agamotto talisman is immediately recognizable, with exceptional detailing and premium aged-looking finish for play or display. This Marvel Legends Eye of Agamotto is an exotic addition to any Marvel fan collection.”

Hasbro's Eye of Agamotto is perfect for any Doctor Strange cosplay.


This is a perfect addition to any Doctor Strange cosplay or Halloween costume. Because you’re not really the Sorcerer Supreme without it are you? Actually, this raises a rather big question for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If all the Infinity Stones are destroyed, then is the Eye of Agamotto just an empty trinket? Does it actually have any power on its own? We have questions! We imagine we’ll get some sort of answer when Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness opens in theaters next year.

Hasbro's Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto replica in its packaging.


The Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto is available now for pre-order for Pulse Premium members. It’ll set you back $49.99. Be sure to get one for the next time you need to bargain in an endless time loop with the Dark Lord Dormammu.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios / Hasbro

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