8 Magic Characters We Want to See Come to the MCU

Ever since Doctor Strange crashed into the MCU—literally—the door to magic has been opened. But with WandaVision, Marvel has kicked in that door to an infinite universe of possibilities. Now that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, she’s likely going to be tangling with even more magical beings. We know she’ll be teaming up with Doctor Strange, but who else might they come across? Which magic users should you be reading up on? Surprising absolutely no one, we’ve got some ideas! From monsters to magicians, let’s get listing!!

Clea and Doctor Strange fight evil beings

Marvel Comics

With a second Doctor Strange movie on the way, we have to start with Clea. Stephen Strange’s long-time ally and sometime lover is one of Marvel’s most powerful magic users. She debuted in 1964’s Strange Tales #126, quickly becoming a key figure in Strange lore. She’s a master of all mystic trades and has taken the title of Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension. If that’s not enough, she’s also the illegitimate niece of Dormammu himself. Clea’s powers are many including astral projection, flight, dimensional travel, levitation, telekinesis, spells, and basically any mystical art. Like many other Marvel heroes she’s also proficient in martial arts, making her both magical and a total badass. We’d be very surprised if this particular magic user doesn’t pop up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Magic.

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Marvel Comics

While appearing in only a handful of comics before his video game debut in 1995’s Marvel Super Heroes, Shuma-Gorath was an unlikely but soon to become legendary addition to Capcom’s Marvel series of fighting games. The Lord of Chaos, as he’s colloquially known, is just that. Shuma is an eldritch monster who inspires fear and horror in all who see him. His first proper appearance was as a ’70s Doctor Strange antagonist in Marvel Premiere #9. And in classic “is that allowed?” comic book style, his name is taken from Robert E. Howard’s story “The Curse of the Golden Skull.” The tentacled eyeball monster loves human sacrifice and chaos, with his rule over the prehistoric world defined by both. He’s deeply connected to Stephen Strange and could be a great addition to his cinematic monster pantheon.

Chondu the Mystic
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Marvel Comics

Harvey Schlemerman might not sound like the name of a powerful magic character, and yet here we are. Chondu the Mystic first arrived in 1960’s Tales of Suspense #9. The villain also has one of the funniest origins ever. While teaching yoga, Harvey helped a traffic accident victim who pulled a gun and tried to shoot him. Luckily, Chondu used the powers of his mind to stop the bullet. Thanks to some classic comic book shenanigans, Chondu also has a monstrous alter ego. His brain was transplanted multiple times in multiple bodies. This put him on the path of Stephen Strange, and led to his transformation into a literal monster. Chondu has connections to some of Marvel’s most ridiculous characters and could offer some solid cosmic comic relief if he’s introduced into the MCU.

Doctor Druid
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Marvel Comics

Another character who’s made a small but memorable impact on comics is Dr. Anthony Druid. First appearing in June 1961’s Amazing Adventures #1 as Dr. Droom, Druid’s one of Marvel’s most underrated magical characters. He could arguably be seen as a prototype for both Doctors Doom and Strange. If you want to get even deeper, his first story is named “I am the Fantastic Dr. Droom!” Like Stephen Strange, his first appearance was steeped in problematic Asian portrayals. Unlike Strange, Droom was soon abandoned, later revived in the ’70s as Druid. He’s a generic British mystic with strange magical powers and some degree of telepathy. The PhD holding hero has connections to the Ancient One and became an Avenger in the ’80s before dying. Though resurrected by the Grim Reaper and the Chaos King, he’s yet to have a truly definitive story. Maybe the MCU could change that?

Morgan le Fay
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Marvel Comics

One of the many Arthurian characters in Marvel comics—due to the fact that the tales are all out of license—le Fay has already appeared onscreen in The Runaways. Don’t let that confuse or stop you dreaming of seeing her in the MCU, though. She’s one of the most powerful supervillains in Marvel history. She’s even trained Doctor Doom in the magical arts (and romanced the infamous supervillain as well).

In the comics, she’s a half-fairy half-human and just happens to be the half-sister of King Arthur. Like the titular hero of the title, le Fay first appeared in Black Knight #1 (May 1955). This makes her one of the few holdouts from that era of Marvel. Her connection to Black Knight also means we’re more likely to see her. With the hero headed to the MCU in Eternals, we might just meet Morgan sooner rather than later. She’s got plenty of powers from her fairy lineage and her magical connection to druidic practices. She can control minds, cast spells, and manipulate powerful energy. She’s even faced down the Avengers and other top tier Marvel heroes, so watch out for this Arthurian big bad.

Modred the Mystic
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Marvel Comics

You’ve probably heard a lot about Chthon thanks to WandaVision. So let’s talk about one of his nemesis. Modred the Mystic was first introduced in 1975’s Marvel Chillers #1. The powerful wizard once tried to defeat Chthon but ended up trapped in a crypt. It was this dark magic that ended up gifting him with his powers. Corrupted by Chthon, he became linked with the Darkhold, able to access any spell within its pages. He also helped Wanda return to the magical Mount Wundagore. And he was in Bova’s care when Magneto discovered that he was the father of Wanda and Pietro. So that’s another connection to the recent magic in the MCU. Though he sometimes uses his powers for good, he’s a complex and angry man who harbors a deep hatred for Doctor Strange, which could be an interesting potential conflict.

Jericho Drumm
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Marvel Comics

Brother Voodoo made his debut in 1973’s Strange Tales #169. Literally haunted by the ghost of his Houngan brother, Daniel, the Haitian hero has become a magical Marvel mainstay. He was even for a time the Sorcerer Supreme, taking on the mantle of Doctor Voodoo. Jericho’s powers vere towards the more bizarre end of the magical spectrum. They include control of and imperviousness to fire, smoke creation, hypnosis, teleportation, flight, and more. Doctor Voodoo has teamed up with nearly every Marvel character imaginable, even becoming an Avenger as well. The first Doctor Strange film starred Mark Anthony Brighton as Daniel Drumm, a Kamar-Taj sorcerer killed by Kaecilius. With his twin brother’s death a major factor in Jericho’s heroic turn, Brighton may very well return to the MCU.

This trippy cover to Man-Thing by Tyler Crook shows the creature in the Nexus of All Realties being swirled between worlds

Marvel Comics

He’s a big slimy monster and that’s something the MCU needs more of. Sure, it seems unlikely. But Man-Thing does live in the Nexus of All Realities which was hinted at during WandaVision. A peak ’70s creation, he first appeared in Savage Tales #1. Like Swamp Thing, he’s a once human turned creature post a terrible accident. With the Multiverse of Madness headed our way, this interdimensional beast might actually pop up. He’s known as not only a powerful magic user but also has a history of saving the world from interdimensional demons. His ability to speak the universal language could also come in handy too. Man-Thing can communicate with any living thing from plant to alien. If Stephen and Wanda are dealing with Skrulls and multiversal monsters, then they could definitely use his help.

Featured Image: Marvel Comics

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