Dizzying Domino Courses Based on Pokémon, Deadpool, and More

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He calls himself “the Domino King” and few could dispute the claim. Fewer still could challenge his title. The King’s creations aren’t merely about lining up little tiles. In his words, he “creates chain reactions” that arrange boards, cups, balls, strings, and even gravity-defying “stick bombs” into dazzlingly kinetic concerts of motion. It’s dominoes taken to the Nth degree, pairing one of the oldest games with some of the most current, as many of these “reactions” are themed after recent video games.

It’d already be impressive to arrange dozens-unto-hundreds of little pieces into huge mosaic portraits of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. The King not only does that in the video below, he also makes the mosaic’s appearances transform throughout the course of his epic tribute to Pokémon. Indeed, the monsters aren’t ruined when the dominoes fall–they merely shift shades. It’s a sight to be seen.

Even the Merc with a Mouth looks cute in domino form. Watch Deadpool get the same love here.

A true artist pushes the boundaries of his craft, evoking feelings not traditionally expected of the medium. Have you ever heard of a spooky dominoes show? Probably not. But the King crafts such an experience with his tribute to Five Nights at Freddy’s below, incorporating foreboding messages, mounting tension, and even a couple legitimate jump scares into the non-stop cascade.

Some of the King’s most impressive performances don’t even need a pop culture tie-in. Recall the “stick bombs” mentioned earlier? They’re a little tricky to describe. Instead of dominoes, the King arranges an intricate sequence of pop-sickle sticks that, when set off, proceed to explode like a lit bomb fuse. Watch the zigzagged, crisscrossed wood suddenly flare up like wriggling millipedes here.

Again, if you can name the pop franchise, then the King has probably built a course in tribute to it. Splatoon, Undertale, Super Mario World, Fallout, and Duck Hunt are just some of the other titles who’ve gotten their due in dominoes over on his channel. Dig in, and be amazed.

Think you’ll take up dominoes, now? Could you out-do the King? Sound off in the talkback. 

Featured Image Credit: TheDominoKing

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