Disney Fan Proposes to Minnie Mouse and Mickey’s Not Having It

If you’re a Disney fan at a Disney theme park, sometimes you can’t help but be overtaken by the magic. Case in point: a young woman, who goes by the handle of Jazzy on Twitter, recently went to Disney California Adventure (part of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim) to enjoy the parks annual Festival of Holidays. Her father was overtaken by the holiday spirit and decided to get on one knee and propose to Minnie Mouse. Problem was, Minnie’s boyfriend Mickey Mouse was standing right there, and he was just not having it. The Disney fan in question posted the entire adorable encounter on Twitter:

Things looked like they might get all Jerry Springer Show there for a second, with Minnie scrambling off to the side in shock at the gentleman’s marriage proposal, while Mickey got all huffy (well, as huffy as you can get while staying completely silent with a giant smile on your face). Luckily, everything was resolved when Minnie showed to all present that Mickey was the only man for her. Then everyone took a nice photo together, and they all had a good laugh.But a word of advice to Mickey Mouse: you’ve been dating Minnie for almost 90 years now dude. Better put a ring on it soon, or expect more wannabe Romeos to start taking a hint from this guy. Or worse, Donald or Goofy might try to come in and steal her from you. Might we suggest a double Disney wedding with Kermit and Miss Piggy? That one’s long overdue too. Get on it, you guys!What did you think of this adorable Disney moment? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Images: Disney

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