This GoPro Dishwasher Footage Takes You on a Watery Spin

I, alas, do not have a dishwasher. No, no. It’s okay. (Well, not really.) There’s just no good place for one in this old house of mine. Not that I keep that perspective every single time I clean a dirty plate. Then it’s not okay. And now I really wish I had one, after seeing a dishwasher from an entirely new perspective. Someone placed a GoPro and a 360-degree camera inside, to offer a tantalizing glimpse of exactly how that cleaning machine works.

This full 4k video (which we first saw at Laughing Squid) comes from Matt Mikka of the YouTube channel Warped Perception. He wanted to show how a dishwasher looks from inside as it goes through a cleaning cycle with detergent. Specifically, he wondered how dish soap gets dispensed. As anyone who has ever even seen a machine get prepped, it’s not just a matter of hot water being fired at the utensils, bowls, and plates inside. Real soap is key to actually cleaning them.

That’s how these very dirty plates go from being covered in grime and gunk filth come out shining like new. The effect of actually seeing it happening though is mesmerizing.

Inside a running dishwasher, with water on the camera and dirty dishes on the rackWarped Perception

This intriguing glimpse also has the added benefit of showing just how smart Jack Donaghy was on  30 Rock. In the show’s finale he immediately aborted his boat trip to discover himself after he had an idea for clear dishwashers. That way you can see what’s going on inside them.

Jack called it “the best idea” he ever had. Liz Lemon agreed with him. Obviously he was 100% right. Imagine getting to see this every time? It would be a top ten TV show in my house.

Well, not my house. I don’t have room for a dishwasher, which stinks even more now.

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