Ben Stiller Leads All-Star Cast in Disaster Parody Live Read

Celebs have been using to quarantine to hold virtual reunions. They’ve discussed beloved movies and TV shows with their fellow cast and crew. They’ve also digitally gathered to do table reads of popular films. But now some of our favorite Hollywood performers will get together to give us something original. An all-star cast will hold a live table-read of an un-produced comedy. Ben Stiller, Bob Odenkirk, Michael Cera, Kristen Wiig, and an insane lineup bring to life the lost calamity movie parody The Towering Disaster.

All-Star Cast Holding Virtual Live-Read of Disaster Parody_1House Seats Live

The virtual theater House Seats is hosting the first-ever public reading of a disaster comedy script written by David Cross and longtime producer Rob Cohen. According to Cross’s Mr. Show co-star Bob Odenkirk, the pair originally wrote the film shortly after The Ben Stiller Show went off the air in 1993. It’s a parody of ’70s disaster movies like The Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno, and Earthquake.

The cast, which will perform via Zoom, is anything but a disaster. In addition to Stiller, Odenkirk, Cross, Cera, and Wiig, it will also feature Don Cheadle, Will Forte, Regina Hall, David Koechner, Jack McBrayer, Michael McKean, John Ennis, Sarah Silverman, and Henry Winkler.

That cast is ridiculous. We expect the story will be, too. The poster promises a burning skyscraper, bees, an exploding volcano, and a giant tidal wave. (Maybe this movie was never actually made because it would have cost 400 billion dollars?)

All-Star Cast Holding Virtual Live-Read of Disaster Parody_2House Seats Live

The show will broadcast live on Saturday, July 25 starting at 5 p.m. ET. Tickets are $12.50 and are already on sale. Even better is that all proceeds will go towards the Equal Justice Initiative and Direct Relief.

A fun quarantine event with a crazy talented cast raising money for good causes? The only thing about this live-read that screams disaster is the premise of the movie. Well, that and the global disaster that made it possible.

Featured Image: House Seats Live

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