DIRTY DANCING’s Finale Really Works with THE MUPPET SHOW Theme

I’ve just had the time of my life. No, really. I never felt like this before. But that’s only because I’ve never seen one of the most famous dance scenes in movie history set to the last song you’d expect to have paired with it. Because combining Dirty Dancing with The Muppet Show theme is a perfect way to have the time of your life.

Sorry, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. Nobody puts baby in the corner, but Twitter user and comedy writer @Pandamoanimum brilliantly sidelined your iconic hit song from the classic 1987 film. It’s the truth. And in doing so she gave all new meaning to the lyric “it’s time to play the music.” Rather than watching Patrick Swayze’s Johnny and Jennifer Grey’s Frances signature dance to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” she swapped in Kermit and friends legendary song.

That’s a funny premise, but what really makes this a “ magical fantasy” is how well the timing of both video and song works. In some spots the rhythm and breaks in The Muppet Show theme is perfectly matched with the action onscreen. And in the spots where it needs a little fudging to make it all work a few clever edits get the job done. The end result is not only hilarious, it’s—dare we say—uplifting. (Actually, we rescind that joke. Statler and Waldorf will definitely heckle it.)

Johnny lifts Baby during their big scene in Dirty Dancing and Kermit the Frog emerges from The Muppet Show O ahead of the theme song
Vestron Pictures/Disney

Dirty Dancing‘s big scene didn’t exactly need an edit. It’s just about as perfect a movie moment as you’ll find. Even people who haven’t seen Dirty Dancing know these characters and this moment.

But now we have two ways to enjoy it. We can still appreciate the original for what it is while laughing at this very silly version. And really, what more do you need in life to have the time of your life? At the very least you’ll always just remember how good this was.

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