These Dice Are Made from Real Human Bones

Your Dungeons & Dragons dice collection probably has a few lucky rollers, a few conversation pieces, and even a sentimental favorite or two. Thanks to Artisan Dice, you can add a d20 die that will be unlike any other in your stash: one crafted from a very real human bone. The Memento Mori twenty-sided die is a respectfully and expertly crafted game accessory. Roll with respect when you roll these bones.

Memento Mori bone dice

Artisan Dice

We first spotted this jaw-dropping piece on Technabob. Artisan Dice named the single d20 after the ancient tradition of honoring and accepting the inevitability of death. The Texas-based dice maker explored this idea previously with dice crafted from animal bones. “Taking that to the next level, these macabre d20 are crafted from human bones sourced from retired skeletons once used in medical universities,” they write on their website.

The artists craft each Memento Mori die with care. The sterling silver numbers are easy to read on top of the porous bone. The die even comes in its own handcrafted box inspired by a reliquary. The black walnut case, emblazoned with a finely detailed skull, houses a suede interior that can double as a dice tray.

Memento Mori d20

Artisan Dice

You’ve probably never spent this much for a single d20—each one costs almost $300—Artisan Dice clearly put care into each piece. The bones were originally donated in service of educating a generation of medical students but have since aged out of use. Give them a new life on a table surrounded by your friends.

Each bone d20 is a gentle reminder of mortality, a salute to its owner, and a bearer of luck. Will it be good luck or bad luck? Only time will tell.

Import and export laws apply depending on the U.S. state and country; be sure to check the die listing for more information.

Featured Image: Artisan Dice

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