Dexterity Check: Critical Role Nail Art

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Did you know your love of Critical Role can even go all the way to your fingertips? Everyone’s favorite group of adventurers can go with you everywhere thanks to these incredible Vox Manicures. With a mini work of art featuring your favorite characters and a more abstract theme honoring the group’s greatest foes, these nail artists share the how-to for manicures that are as colorful as a Prismatic Spray.

Even if your skill level with a bottle of nail polish isn’t very high, we’ve got you (and your nails) covered.

Chroma Conclave

The colorful Chroma Conclave inspired nails (shown above) took over thirty nail polish colors for Fickle Fingernails to get the shimmering scales just right.

“This is my tribute to the Chroma Conclave,” wrote Fickle Fingernails. “Three of the finger/color placements are purposeful: Thordak is on my thumb as the largest, Brimscythe’s on the pinky because it happened pre-stream and we saw the least of it, and Raishan obviously gets the bird.”

The scales were created with a stamping plate from Infinity Nails and a pewter stamping polish. Take a look at the description on Fickle Fingernail’s Instagram for more details.  ⠀

Vex’ahlia and Trinket

If you’re confident in your painting skills, Nail Blitz has created a step-by-step tutorial for a design based on Kit Buss’s portraits of Vex and Trinket.

You’ll need a silicone mat, nail polish, and acrylic paint, along with a glittery base coat. Begin with an outline of the portraits in black and brown acrylic paint, and then fill in the colors and details.

Once the artwork is dry, peel it off the mat, trim, and place it gently on your nails. Seal it with a clear top coat.

A steady hand and patience is needed for this look, but the time is well spent if you’re a stickler for details.

Espionage Nail Wraps

If you doubt your artistic ability or aren’t looking to add new tools to your manicure arsenal, Espionage Cosmetics has just the thing. Official Critical Role nail wraps, available in the Geek & Sundry store, give your nails all the personality without requiring any artistic talent.

Never applied their amazing nail wraps before? Let Marisha Ray walk you through how to apply the wraps. All you need is the wraps, a nail file, and a clear top coat to seal it for a longer lasting look.

Do you have Critical Role nail art to show off? Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Image: Fickle Fingernails

Other Image: Geek & Sundry

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