All 32 Pokémon We Spotted in the DETECTIVE PIKACHU Trailer

Nov 12 2018 -- 12:30 PM

Part of the fun in any Pokémon-infused adventure is seeing how many different types of creatures you can spot as you travail their weird, wonderful world. The first trailer for Detective Pikachu, the first ever live-action Pokémon movie, gave us quite a healthy opportunity to do just that, sprinkling sights of pocket monsters in almost every shot. We dived headfirst into this mission, highlighting every Pokémon we could possibly find in the trailer... and here they are!

The fist few seconds of the trailer gives us a whole bunch of Pokémon right out the gate:We have Charmander...via GIPHYDodrio...via GIPHYBouffalant...via GIPHYFlabébé...via GIPHYEmolga...via GIPHYComfey...via GIPHYPidgeotto...via GIPHYAnd Braviary.via GIPHYAlso in this scene, we see images of Wooper and Victini in the form of advertisements on the city buildings.The next shot devotes focus to Psyduck, though we see parade floats of Gengar and Jigglypuff in the background.When we finally get to main character Tim's bedroom, we see a proverbial hotbed of Pokémon memorabilia. Posters referencing Blastoise (on the leftmost corner), Hypno, Charizard, Articuno, Steelix, and Dragonite are on display, plus a cutout of Rayquaza.The next shot yields a poster of Reshiram and Zekrom in battle.Of course, eventually we meet Pikachu face to adorable face.via GIPHYOut in the world, we see Dodrio and get a better look at Emolga.via GIPHYA few scenes later, we glimpse "Missing" posters of Squirtle and Pancham.Next up, a troop of Bulbasaur and a few floating Morelull.via GIPHY...immediately followed by a very moody Jigglypuff, with Machamp and Primeape featured in the battle ad on the wall...via GIPHY...and then by a very moody Charizard...via GIPHY...and just as quickly by some flying Greninja.via GIPHYThen we move on to a scene with a few hidden gems. First, Squirtle!via GIPHYOn the other side of the screen, Rufflet!via GIPHYAnd tucked away down below, Pancham!via GIPHYAnd finally, the illustrious Mr. Mime.via GIPHYWe do get further looks at Psyduck, Charizard, Greninja, and others as the trailer goes on, but as far as we can tell that's the full list of Pokémon this first Detective Pikachu trailer treats us to. But did you catch any we missed? Let us know!

Images: Warner Bros

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