Spend 10 Minutes Vibing Out with These Deep Sea Creatures

For animals also native to earth, there is something particularly otherworldly about deep sea creatures. Probably because much like the cosmos, there is so much we don’t know about the Ocean. After all, we’ve only explored about 20% of the ocean. That means there are a whole lot of unknowns when it comes to our deep sea friends (or foes). Thankfully organizations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) are bringing the deep sea to the surface. MBARI’s latest video is not only a showcase of some of the coolest creatures swimming the deep sea, it’s also a perfectly soothing visual experience. Just 10 minutes of creatures just thriving and vibing in the deep sea.

The video compiles footage of nearly 40 deep sea dwellers captured by MBARI’s remotely operated vehicles. A few of the creatures may look familiar. For instance, there’s our stunning friend, the psychedelic jellyfish, appearing just 16 seconds in. In addition to the serene music, the 10-minute-long video provides an incredible range of animals who live far, far below the ocean surface.

The few dozen aquatic animals include a blue shark, several types of squids and jellies, and a sea cucumber. Plus a few different kinds of anglerfish to keep us on our toes. (After all, the deep sea is an ominous place.)

A squishy midwater octopus captured by MBARI

Some of the deep sea creatures are adorable. Like the squishy midwater octopus, who reminds us a bit of Pearl from Finding Nemo—even though she was a flapjack octopus. And then there’s the black devil anglerfish, which also reminds us of Finding Nemo… but in a much more terrifying way. We’d be remiss to omit the crystal amphipod who looks like it could be directly out of an Alien movie. (Or Noah Hawley’s upcoming Alien FX series.)

 As I am not James Cameron, I have no interest in personally heading into the depths of the ocean. (I shall remain with my feet firmly planted on the sand.) However I am always in awe of these videos that capture deep sea creatures minding their own business and living their lives. 

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