DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Heineken Ad Shows Two Best Bubs Bonding Over Beer

Television will rule summer with House of the Dragon, The Boys, The Acolyte, and more coming to streaming services. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll totally skip the movies, especially if you’re a Marvel fan. Deadpool & Wolverine is undoubtedly one of the most-anticipated films of 2024 that will finally bring these two best bubs (well, in Deadpool’s mind) together for some bloody and ridiculous adventures. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s shenanigans, both as themselves and in character, are certainly marketing gold. That’s why this Deadpool & Wolverine Heineken beer commercial is total perfection.

Wolverine throws Deadpool up against a tree and prepares to thrash him. But, his claws are missing in action. As he wears a confused look on his face, Deadpool explains that he used the adamantium in his claws to make Heineken beer cans. Wolverine is perplexed but, for some reason, has a drink with him. All is well… until Deadpool tries to rest his hand on his best bub’s shoulder. Wolvie says no to it very quickly.

Deadpool and Wolverine  clink beer cans in Heineken ad commercial
Marvel Studios/Heineken

Of course, Ryan Reynolds notes in the Deadpool & Wolverine Heineken commercial that the beer’s cans are not made of adamantium. It is a fictional alloy, after all. But Heineken Silver is a real beer and it is the first time that the MCU is doing a sponsorship for this kind of product. This “world-class light beer for world-class bubs” will probably be a popular one at some theaters but fans can grab it off shelves right now.

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