Which Marvel Mutants Are Part Of DEADPOOL 2’s Mystery Team?

We all know Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin won’t be alone when Deadpool 2 hits theaters this summer, judging from the last trailer. But just which Marvel heroes are joining in the fun? In the comics, before Cable and Domino were ever part of any X-Force team, they were members of a mutant mercenary group called the Wild Pack, later referred to as the Six Pack (probably as to not sound to similar to the then popular team WildC.A.T.S.)

Consisting of Cable, George Washington Bridge, Constrictor, Domino, Grizzly and Garrison Kane, the group served under the cyborg soldier from the future on several missions, before his attentions turned to forming X-Force. Years later, he reformed the Six Pack, this time with none other than Deadpool filling in one of the slots.This one shot in the Deadpool 2 teaser — which you can see down below — definitely seems to imply that we will see some form of the Six Pack in the movie. Now, we have it confirmed that Cable and Domino are in this film, so as far as known Six Pack members go, that’s two down. But who are the other guys in the shot below?? Let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

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George Washington “GW” Bridge

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Although he wasn’t in any known casting announcements, surprise! Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews is in this movie, and judging from the looks of him, it seems he will be playing Cable’s old war buddy, GW Bridge. He’s got the scar that Bridge has from the comics and everything. In the original Marvel comics, Bridge didn’t have any powers, and was just a bad ass soldier who hung around a lot of mutants. If I were to guess who Terry Crews is playing, I’d give it an 85% chance that he is playing Bridge.


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Although traditionally not a member of the Six Pack (instead usually finding himself a member of X-Force or X-Factor) that is almost definitely Shatterstar standing behind Terry Crews. Simply put, no one else in the Marvel Universe has such purely Rob Liefeld headgear as is shown on this guy. Shatterstar was kind of a spin-off character to the X-Men’s Longshot, so it’ll be interesting to see how they will explain his weird extra dimensional origins in the film….assuming they even bother to.

Garrison Kane

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Standing behind Domino is a tall pasty faced mutant with raccoon eyeliner. Hmm….could this be Six Pack’s snake like member Constrictor? Normally, I’d say that is definitely who it is, but there may be a snag in that theory: Constrictor did not debut first in an X-Men books, but actually first showed up in the pages of The Incredible Hulk. That makes his usage rights a problem. While Marvel and Fox and much more cozy these days, they weren’t when Deadpool 2 went into production.

So if not Constrictor, then who? My hunch is that it’s Garrison Kane, the youngest member of the Pack, who had the ability to access all known mutant powers in his registry (convenient). He is also a cyborg, because he was created in the early ’90s when everyone had to be a cyborg. In lieu of Constrictor, I would say the soldier behind Domino has probably got to be Kane.

Mystery Member

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Ok, so between Deadpool/Cable (who I think will alternate in leading the group), Domino, Bridge, Shatterstar, and Kane, that’s five members. Who is going to be the sixth member of the Pack? Sure, a known mutant like Colossus could join in, but he’s best used as the X-Men’s representation in the movie. Which is why I say I hope we see Grizzly make it on the line-up. I mean, he’s an original member, he’s a giant, he’s red, and he’s hairy. He’s like Colossus meets Chewbacca!. Also, the reason he might not be in a trailer is the effects for such a character might not be done yet. If I were a betting sort, my money would be on Grizzly showing up.

Which Marvel Mutants do you want to see join Deadpool’s little paramilitary party group? Let us know your choices down below in the comments.

Images: Twentieth Century Fox / Marvel Comics

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