Here’s What We Want to See in DEAD TO ME’s Final Season

Dead to Me has officially been renewed for a third season, which Netflix has confirmed will also be its last. The highly addictive and entertaining black comedy has made us laugh, cry, and most importantly, has educated us on the benefits of orange wine. While we’re sad that we’ll only get to spend one more season with Jen Harding and Judy Hale, there is a bright side. And that’s the fact that if the previous two seasons were any indication, there’s going to be a heck of a final season to look forward to.

Based on when the show has premiered in the past, it’s likely that we’ll have to wait at least until 2021 before season three arrives. But it’s never too early to get excited. There are a lot of things we want to see before the show takes its final bow. Here’s a wish list of what we hope to see in Dead to Me‘s final ten episodes. (Beware of massive spoilers if you aren’t caught up!).

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Ben’s Car Crash

Season two ended with Ben Wood (James Marsden) learning about his twin brother Steve’s death. The news sends him back to the bottle, which results in him recklessly getting behind the wheel. While driving, Ben crashes into Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini)’s car—a perfect parallel to Steve and Judy’s hit-and-run that kicked off the series. An added complication? Ben spent most of season two getting close with Jen. We can’t imagine she’ll be thrilled when she finds out who caused the accident. Season one was all about Judy’s secret, and season two was all about Jen’s secret. Could season three be all about Ben’s secret?

Judy and Michelle

After an abusive relationship, Judy seemed to finally find happiness with Michelle Gutierrez (Natalie Morales). Sadly, that relationship ended abruptly thanks to some unfortunate timing. Their break-up was left ambiguous, leaving the door open for Michelle to potentially return to Judy’s life. And it’s something we definitely want. Even if they don’t reconcile in season three, it would still be nice for Michelle to return and give Judy some closure. After all the grief that both Jen and Judy have gone through, they deserve to end the series with some happiness!

judy and michelle in dead to me


Detective Perez’s Past

One of the best things about season two was how the show explored its supporting characters. Specifically, we learned that the reason Detective Ana Perez (Diana-Maria Riva) is so closed off and uptight is because like Jen, she’s dealing with her own grief. Perez’s father murdered her mother when she was young, and Perez has been carrying that tragedy around with her for years. Between that and the fact that she’s Michelle’s ex, we want season three to pull the curtain back even further on the character. She’s far too interesting not to learn more about.

Steve’s Body

To cover up their crime, Jen and Judy hid Steve’s body in the Angeles Forest—always a good place to hide dead bodies according to the Dark Web. Supposedly, the point of bringing him there was so no one would ever be able to find him. Jen and Perez tried! But the end of season two saw a hiker and her dog stumble across the pair’s secret. Even though Perez officially closed the case on Steve’s murder, this will undoubtedly throw things for a loop. Dead to Me loves twists and drama, and this seems like the perfect combination of both.

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Judy’s Mom

In season two, the show introduced Judy’s mom Eleanor, in the form of a delightful guest role by Katey Sagal. Through their interactions, we understood why Judy acts the way she does and how she’s been manipulated by people she loves for most of her life. Although Judy finally took the step to more or less close the door on their relationship, we’d still love to see Eleanor pop up again. And maybe we could learn more about the rest of Judy’s family, as well.

Jen’s Secret

Knowing that she was going to confess to Steve’s murder and most likely go to jail for a very (very) long time, Jen wrote letters to her sons Charlie (Sam McCarthy) and Henry (Luke Roessler). She also enlisted Judy to be the kids’ legal guardian. But just as Judy was about to share those letters, Jen walked through the door. Although she turned herself in, Perez let her off the hook—which meant no one was any the wiser, right? Wrong. One of the many cliffhangers at the end of season two was Charlie finding a box in Judy’s room. That box had Jen’s letters in it. Season two saw the mother and son finally repair their relationship when it came to trust and we can’t imagine this bodes well for maintaining that trust.

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Ben and Steve’s Family

In season two, Frances Conroy joined the cast as Eileen, the mother of the Wood twins. Despite her tough nature, she immediately took a liking to Jen and struck up a connection between them. Given that Steve’s death and Ben’s accident will definitely continue to play a role in season three, we feel like we can expect to see more of the Wood matriarch. And what about the twins’ father? Feldman hinted in an interview that the character was left out intentionally. Given all the drama about to come the family’s way, the final season seems like the perfect time to bring that character into the fold.

“Detective” Judy

With all their adventures, Jen and Judy both are pretty involved with the law at this point. But in season two, Judy took some extra steps in implicating Steve for money laundering and his connection to the Greek mafia. Although her relationship with Perez remained contentious, the police were ultimately thankful for her help. And when Perez heard some of Steve’s abusive voicemails, it allowed her to sympathize with Judy a little. We’d love to see Judy continuing to work in tandem with the FBI in season three, especially knowing that there’s going to be more investigations in the future.

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