DC’s Versus Web Series Pits Its Greatest Heroes Against Each Other

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For as long as there have been superhero stories, fans and comic creators alike have loved sending their favorite heroes into battle against each other. It’s part of the charm of the genre. But now, DC Comics is inviting fans to come up with their own winners with the new web series, Versus.

Versus kicked off in early February with a very CW friendly match-up between the Green Arrow and the Flash. As relayed in the video, Green Arrow is one of the very best archers in the world and a great hand-to-hand fighter. However, the Flash is literally the fastest man alive. And if he can’t beat the Green Arrow without breaking a sweat then it’s clearly an off-day for the Scarlet Speedster.

That said, the Flash has regularly proven that he can be outmaneuvered or even outsmarted by his opponents. If the Rogues can trick the Flash into losing his speed advantage, then shouldn’t Green Arrow also be able to pull off that trick?

The second battle of Versus sent Supergirl against Wonder Woman. So far, that’s a fight that has yet to occur in live-action and it’s not even clear if Supergirl will eventually join the DC Extended Universe heroes on the big screen. In terms of raw power, Supergirl may surpass Wonder Woman in terms of her strength and the wide variety of abilities at her command. But Wonder Woman is freakin’ Wonder Woman. There’s a reason why Wonder Woman has earned her place as one of the top heroes, alongside Batman and Superman. She’s simply a warrior without equal, and even Supergirl would be hard pressed to defeat Wonder Woman. And we don’t think that she can.

Would Wonder Woman defeat Supergirl in battle? And do you think that The Flash would run circles around Green Arrow? Pick the winners in the comment section below!

Image Credit: DC Comic

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