DC In Concert Series Will Feature Tim Burton’s BATMAN in Celebration of Its 35th Anniversary

Many still argue about which Batman feature film is the best. But there are very few disagreements on which is the best Batman feature film theme music. To this day, composer Danny Elfman’s iconic score from Tim Burton’s original film is still what many hear in their heads when they hear the words “Batman.” And now, Bat-fans will get the chance to hear that music performed live as part of the DC In Concert series, starting in 2024. All of this coincides with the 35th anniversary year of Tim Burton’s blockbuster film, which hit theaters in June, 1989.

The upcoming Batman tour kicks off January 2024 in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theater. After that, it will stop in twelve U.S. cities before heading to Paris and London. Guests who attend will enjoy the film projected onto a larger-than-life screen. All while a live orchestra performs Danny Elfman’s iconic musical score. They reused the classic Batman score in Tim Burton’s follow-up film Batman Returns. Which was also scored by Elfman. But perhaps it remains associated with the character so very much because of its inclusion in Batman: The Animated Series. While Shirley Walker composed music for the actual series, the opening title was a reorchestration of Elfman’s 1989 live-action film theme.

Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight in 1989's Batman film by Tim Burton.
Warner Bros.

DC in Concert attendees enjoy an enhanced concert experience with spectacular stage lighting, post-event autographs, merchandise sales, and more. They even encourage guests to dress up as their favorite DC superhero. Who, we hope, are Gotham City-related in some way. Might be awkward to go to a Batman concert dressed up like Aquaman. Although we kind of hope someone goes as Bob the Goon, the Joker’s ill-fated henchman. That’s a deep-cut character we’d appreciate. You can visit  www.DCFilmsinConcert.com for ticket information and to see the other 12 U.S. dates.

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